Compliance Filing, Inc. dba Fictitious Business Name

scamFRAUDalert see it appropriate to issue this ALERT regarding Compliance consumer alertFiling, Inc. dba Fictitious Business Name Renewal Center and other entities.

Consumers have complained that the entity send out bulk mails and notices regarding renewing fictitious business name. The mails send look like they are coming from either the Secretary of State of California or Oregon. The mail notices send reads something like this:


Consumers complained is that they failed to let the consumer know that they are acting as a third party intermediary charging $150.00 for fees renewal that would normally cost $35 – $70.
consumers have also complained stating when funds were send for renewal services, service was never performed.

Compliance Filing, Inc.
2740 Fulton Ave Ste 203
Sacramento, CA 95821
Phone:(916) 480-9006

Other names associated with this entity:

  1. Arm Ventures
  2. Corporate Compliance Center
  3. Corporate Compliance Filings
  4. Corporation Compliance Recorder
  5. Corporations Filings Division
  6. Fictitious Business Name Renewal Center
  7. Fictitious Business Name Renewal Service
  8. Labor Poster
  9. Patent Renewal Services
  10. Renewal Center
  11. Renewal Services, Inc.
  12. Trademark Renewal Services

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