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Founded in 2005,  scamFRAUDalert sites are not some fly by night consumer advocacy group. We are NOT techies, nor are we owned, operated or are part of an Online Media Marketing group.  See Our Work @ scam.com – Search For Posts By” Scrub”

We are an internet online consumer protection watch group. We are passionate about making the internet a safer place. We report on scams, fraud, consumer news, and other questionable business practices online. scamFRAUDalert WayBack

We believe the internet is a great tool and a global community. Keeping this community safe has been our primary mission and it should be a goal for every member. Why? Because it benefits us all.

We frown on scams, frauds and other deceptive practices online. For these practices are an erosion of trust and destructive to e-commerce. We are advocate for transparency.

We urge every citizen of this global community to express his or her opinion” Good or bad” for this is the fabric of our democracy.

The freedom to speak one mind without fear, threats, intimidation or coercion is every citizen’s constitutional rights.

Our Mission

  1. Be the voice for the voiceless
  2. Identifying Deceptive Practices Online (scams & Fraud)
  3. Help safeguard the internet

File a complaint or just say what is bothering you.


scamFRAUDalert will never charge a fee to remove comments or posts on our sites.
We Do Not Have
A Corporate Advocacy Program
A Complaint Resolution Program
A Pay For Deletion of Complaints and Posts Service

We will remove posts or comments based on its merits. Everyone deserve a mountain of second chances.



12 replies

    • At this point, there isn’t much anyone can do to help. You need to check your bank accounts regularly, your credit rating and the internet to see if your personal information ARE being use or SOLD.

      More importantly set up Google, yahoo and Bing alerts and monitor your personal identity online.

      Be careful while looking for work online. Best of luck in your job.

  1. This is just a Re-post of 2005 comment posted on scam.com

    Do Monster.com or HotJobs.com have scammers on their sites?
    Is this just a Careerbuilder problem?

    To say that Monster.com or HotJobs.com do not have scam job postings on either sites would be misleading. They are not immune. Like all businesses, online scammers are ploying the internet looking for unsuspecting victims. And there are millions online.

    However, there is a difference in how Monster or HotJobs resolve scammers exploiting their database. They resolve this with EXPEDIENCY until a new one crop up.

    Unlike Careerbuilder, one do not see a sense of urgency in resolving consumer complaints. Scammers have been exploiting Careerbuilder.com database as legitimate employers since we contacted careerbuilder to the best of my observation 1/01/05.

    In January of 2005, we at Scam.com and scamFRAUDalert.com began to see more victims who had been contacted by potential employers (scammers) after we were successful in having Careerbuilder take responsibility of policing their site. In essence, the scammers had switched tactics and it continues today.

    This is August of 2005 and fraudulent employers are as rampant on careerbuilder site as they have been since January 2005.

    When will Careerbuilder get this under control? Is their business model mirrors that of qchex?

    Source: scam.com

  2. Spammers Launch Denial of Service Attacks
    Against Antispam Sites

    By Ryan Paul – Sept 12 2007, 5:55am PST

    Antispam sites that fight back against phishing scams have been attacked

    Antispam community sites that help combat phishing scams and spam are being targeted with denial of service attacks by malware botnets presumably operated by spammers. The trend was reported last week by antispam site SpamNation.

    SpamNation believes that the denial of service attacks are being launched by the Zhelatin gang, the same group that is thought to be behind the rapidly growing Storm worm botnet. According to SpamNation, the botnet operators are selling denial of service attacks. “When the firehose of the Zhelatin botnet gets turned on your site, it doesn’t mean that it’s the gang themselves who have singled you out for attack,” says SpamNation. “It’s more likely that the attack has been commissioned by one of their customers. In the same way that a customer can order a stock spam run, they can request a DDoS attack.”

    Sites that have been targeted include http://419Eater.com, http://ScamWarners.com, http://CastleCops.com, http://scam.com, scamFRAUDalert.com, and http://aa419.0rg ~ Artists against 419.

    CastleCops, which is currently back up, has established a denial of service forum to provide information about the ongoing attacks and facilitate discussion. System administrators are also sharing blacklists of IP addresses and netblocks that represent botnet zombie systems.

    The distributed computational power of the Storm botnet is thought to have surpassed that of virtually all major supercomputers. The rate at which the botnet is evolving is extremely unsettling, and one can only wonder what kind of sites will be targeted with denial of service attacks as it continues to grow in size. Let’s hope it doesn’t evolve too quickly; the last thing we need is a self-aware spam botnet. “I’m afraid I can’t let you block that spam message, Dave.”

    ars technicia


  3. I’ve just received this thank god i looked up his name.

    Hey, thanks for responding to us.

    Just to inform you, you are currently one of the top 3 applicants for this position.
    I just ask one thing, can you please provide more detail about your personality and how you cooperate with co-workers?

    If you’re still interested, please email me back.

    Have a great day,

    Kind Regards,
    Bruce Zailo – HR

  4. Why WERE 469 comments and posts beginning 2004 and some of 2005 for prior years DELETED.

    scam_client messagingg

    scam_client messaging2

    consumer alert
    I got an e-mail from one of the firms you said was a major crime ring.

    It’s ITX-Trading…

    Dear Candidate,
    My name is Anthony W. Ashford. I am the head of the Department of Personnel of IFX Trading company. Please do not consider this mail to be spam, it has been sent only because your e-mail was found by our managers at http://www.2jobseeker.com.

    Your resume has been received by the Department of Personnel from http://www.2jobseeker.com. We are happy to announce that you have successfully passed the selection and have been approved as a Client Manager of the IFX Trading Ltd. If you are looking for additional guaranteed wage or a new job this is the right position for you. The salary for the Client Manager appointment starts at US $4000 per month ($3000/month probation period). It is on-demand basis work and it does not require quitting your present one. Please read this letter
    carefully. Further you will be given the information on the steps you should take to start your career with us.

    Now, I checked ITX Trading, they look like a legit Forex trading company. What are these people doing, stealing the web site or something?

    THey said they found my resume on something called http://www.2jobseeker.com. THey must’ve scalped it from Craig’s list, because I used an alias e-mail that the solicitation was sent to.

    Anyway, lemme know what you think. There is a contact name, phone, address etc. I am just going to reply to the e-mail address for the hell of it.



  5. from: scamFRAUDalert
    to: Scam Dot Com
    date: Sat, Dec 14, 2013 at 7:26 AM
    mailed-by: gmail.com
    : Important according to our magic sauce.

    Founded in 2005, scamFRAUDalert sites are not some fly by night consumer advocacy group. We are NOT own, operated or are we part of an Online Media Marketing Company. See Our Work @ scam.com – Search For Posts By” Scrub”

    scam_client messaging4

    from: Scam Dot Com
    to: scamFRAUDalert
    date: Sat, Dec 14, 2013 at 9:34 AM
    mailed-by: gmail.com
    signed-by: gmail.com

    I dont know. I bought the website like 3 years ago.
    Feel free to sign up and post anything you want.

    Happy holidays

    from: scamFRAUDalert
    to: Scam Dot Com
    date: Sat, Dec 14, 2013 at 8:05 PM
    mailed-by: gmail.com
    : Important according to our magic sauce.

    Why are we not able to search for members?

    from: Scam Dot Com
    to: scamFRAUDalert
    date: Sun, Dec 15, 2013 at 8:28 AM
    mailed-by: gmail.com
    signed-by: gmail.com
    : Important mainly because of your interaction with messages in the conversation

    We get like like 2000 fake spam bots signing up everyday:

    This should work:

    (advanced search by member)

    Hope this helps.

  6. scam_client messaging7

    03-03-2006, 12:40 PM
    RDHambrice RDHambrice is offline
    Senior Member

    Join Date: May 2004
    Posts: 115
    RDHambrice is an unknown quantity at this point
    Re: Stolen Identity – Escrow Cheque Corp. (www.checkquein.net)
    Hello All
    In retaliation for helping “Scrub” and others expose these “Bad Check Criminals” for the past two years, my name was posted on their website as being a member of their staff. Which I AM NOT !!!! I have worked to shut down their sites and phones with some success and you will find numerous postings on Scam.com in the Work at Home and Online Scams Sections by me fighting these thieves. Sorry for all this confusion.
    Dick 😡

    scam_client messaging8
    – See more at: http://www.scam.com/showthread.php?t=6268&page=2#sthash.NLZq2uRK.dpuf

  7. No. 1-7 The Piazza London, WC2E 8HA 020 7447 1400
    These are your identification numbers:
    Ticket Number: 011425896/2014
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    Dear Lucky Winner,
    This is to inform you that you have won a prize money of £500,000.00(FIVE HUNDRED THOUSAND, POUNDS STERLING) for the Apple iPod Yearly promotion which is organized by the Apple and in conjunction with Microsoft Company, “Your Email Address” were selected through a computer ballot system drawn from Nine hundred thousand emails from Canada, Australia, United States, Asia, Europe, Middle East, Africa and Oceanic as part of our international promotions program which is conducted annually, we have only selected 5 peoples as our winners, through electronic ballot System without the winner applying, this is to raise the profile and popularity of Apple iPod Company.
    Your fund is deposited in our Bank of America Account here in U.K and shall be sent to you on the Approval of your payment.
    We hereby urge you to claim the winning amount quickly as this is a Yearly Promo. Failure to claim your wining within 27days will result to the disqualification of your fund. You are therefore requested to contact immediately out Claims Department below, quoting your Lucky number: iP7/4/88/28/01/40

    Lucky Number: iP7/4/88/28/01/40
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    Event Manager
    Apple Company United Kingdom.
    Email: appleoffer2014@365trade.net
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    You will receive your amount through the Bank of America Branch close to you for easy payment.
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    9. Did you understand that you are to send this mail to (appleoffer2014@365trade.net)?
    10. Your country
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    16. Bank country location
    17. Bank Branch
    Pleas ensure that this message send to (appleoffer2014@365trade.net) to enable us respond to you in time. Call on +447014221141
    I write to apply for the release of my fund with regards to the Winning Notification that was received on my E-mail ID with Lucky number: iP7/4/88/28/01/40
    From Apple iPod Company United Kingdom [AIC].
    I was made to believe that my prize Cheque of 500, 000.00 GBP is deposited in your office Account; I hereby request that the above mentioned sum be remitted to me at the earliest in my country without any delay.
    To file for your claim, please fill and submit your verification form to our Foreign Service manager immediately via email appleoffer2014@365trade.net for prompt response

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