Attorney Myra P Nicholson was an Accessory to FRAUD

Attorney Myra P. Nicholson, Esq of Orlando, Florida refer to herself as the General Counsel and Chief Risk Officer of International Assets Advisory, LLC. Ms. Nicholson, as General Counsel for Alec Difrawi dba Expand, Inc dba Softrock, dba Internet Solutions Corporation, Three Stars Media, Career Network, Inc. and a host of other companies representing Mr. Difrawi by filing FALSE lawsuits against bloggers. Ms. Micholson and Attorney Keith Kress speadheaded the complaint against Investigating Reporter Les Henderson, Tabatha Marshall of the Phishing Bucket and Archie Garga-Richardson, of scamFRAUDalert.

An accessory is someone who aid and abet someone to carry out a crime. In this case, it was FRAUD. By her actions in filing fraudulent lawsuits, she knowingly and willing participated in Alec Difrawi activities especially with the evidence were overwhelming.

Ms. Nicholson filed false DMCA Notices to Google and for takedown of posts or comments against Mr. Difrawi.


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