We believe in education for it is a proven path for the less fortunate of society to uplift oneself into economic prosperity. We believe in talent, hard work, ingenuity, creativity, and capitalism.

The issue with higher career education training is that students are left with insurmountable debt burden which realistically do not reflect the training students received for some programs that are worthless in terms of the student earning ability upon graduation or receiving such career certificate. The alternative to these student is something is better than nothing.

The Justice Department had intervened in a whistleblower suit which alleges that  Education Management Corp. pay recruiters  illegal incentives to sign up students in violation of a 1992 law. Education Management Corp. denies those allegations and has sought dismissal of the case.

Read More ~ Forbes Contributor Reporter Sheryl Nance-Nash …….


12 thoughts on “Editorials

  1. THEReporter says:

    In Our Opinion, parked domains are being used to facilitate criminal activities online. It has become a sanctuary for those who still want to foster cybercrime.

    Here is what we have observed over the years. Parked domains are used as disposal domains or rentals. The reality is that parked domains were intended to be used as a shield against cybersquatting which it is just and fair usage. It can also be use for monetization which all websites owners aspire to.

    What we are witnessing is the usage of parked domains on a temporary basis to carry out criminal activities. This is just another avenue of crime that cybercriminals have engaged in.

    We at SFA are urging ICANN REGISTARS to police this side of the industry.

  2. SFA Reporter says:

    We would like to begin this report by saying that the Better Business Bureau is consider a friend of scamFRAUDalert. We find some reports on the BBB website to be extremely useful in our researched work.

    However, like all public forum that advocate good business practices and advocate consumer rights, they are not immune from criticism. Likewise scamFRAUDalert.

    The constant criticisms of the Better Business Bureau is that businesses pay for favorable rating. Ripoffreport.com we would consider is not FRIEND of BBB had documented over 900 of these reports.

    The organization structure is that a National Office and regional or chapters run the Better Business Bureau. We believe this is excellent model since each local chapter can better serve their community.

    Our beef here is the abuse by the local chapter not adhering to the National Corporate Office by engaging in rating for FEES. This is the problem in our opinion.

    We strongly recommend to the Better Business Bureau maintain the highest ethical standard since BBB is the pillar that most rely on for fair, honest and unbiased reviews.

  3. SFA Reporter says:

    Mugshots Profiteering A Proliferating Threat

    What really got our attention is the website Potential Predators ~ potentialpredators.com. The operators of the website had uploaded thousands of data onto the internet and begun contacting the general public that they were listed on potential predator site.

    For a fee between $99 – $499, individuals could have their mugshots removed. This profiteering in our opinion is a proliferating threat.

    • SFA Reporter says:

      Here’s why this is important. The sale of individual personal data put all of us at RISKS.

      Anyone from North America, Europe, Asia, Africa, Latin America or the Middle East can purchased your personal data online and then do whatever he or she want to do with it.

      They can create a profile, contact your bank, your current employer or previous employer or whatever.

      This we see as a clear and present danger as this is proliferating online by the sale and release of personal data in public domain by federal, state, local governments and law enforcement agencies under the freedom of information act.

  4. SFA Reporter says:

    It is unfortunate that ED Magedson and his Attorney Maria Crimi Speth have chosen the public airing of our dispute.

    Let me make this CLEAR to those who will REJOICE in this dispute. Ripoffreport will continue to be a distance friend of scamFRAUDalert.

    We do not agree with ED’s method or what his motives are or whatever is going on inside his head or what he’s thinking or trying to accomplish. All we seek from Ripoffreport.com is a mutual friendship so that we both benefit from our efforts.

    scamFRAUDalert have the uttermost respect for Ripoffreport.com in it’s consumer advocacy even though we do not agree with ED Magedson dba Xcentric Ventures, LLC dba Ripoffreport.com policy of not exercising some editorial discretion regarding blantantly false reports and their Corporate Advocacy Program.

    With this being said, Ripoffreport.com will continue to be a FRIEND of SFA.

    date:Wed, Oct 3, 2012

    Maria Crimi Speth, Esq.
    Jaburg & Wilk, P.C.
    3200 N. Central Ave., Suite 2000
    Phoenix, AZ 85012

    Ripoffreport.com a/k/a BadBusiness Bureau
    Xcentric Ventures, LLC
    P.O. Box 470
    Tempe, AZ 85280

    Dear Ms. Speth & Mr. Magedson:

    Scam FRAUD Alert is Service Trademark protected. We reserve the right to require any user to cease and desist the use of our trademark name “scamfraudalert” or “scam fraud alert” or “scam fraud” in any shape and form. Please cease and desist the use of “scamFRAUDalert” or “scam fraud alert ” or “scam and fraud” in any form in any publication on Ripoffreport.com and all other domains you may have in your possession across all platforms. Xcentric Venture, LLC is infringement on my trademark. Please refer to links below.
    As I have reached out to you, I plead with you both that we reach an amiable solution to our differences and work together.

    I am not one of your enemies ED Magedson.

    The word “scam fraud alert” is protected under US PATENT and TRADEMARK OFFICE. The use of the words “scamfraudalert” infringes on our trademark. http://trademarks.justia.com/851/27/scamfraudalert-85127480.html
    Registration Number: 4014120

    Thank you,

    (866) 398-1178

    Dear scamFRAUDalert:

    You need to hire a lawyer. You do not understand the law and your claim of trademark infringement is frivolous. Every court that has ever considered the issue agrees that use of a trademark to describe the services of the trademark owner is legal and not an infringement. We are done with emails. I am drafting and filing a lawsuit for copyright infringement.

    Maria Crimi Speth, Esq.
    Jaburg & Wilk, P.C.
    3200 N. Central Ave., Suite 2000
    Phoenix, AZ 85012

    602-248-0522 (fax)

  5. SFA Reporter says:

    Lawsuits Address Recruitment Practices at For-Profit Colleges

    March 16, 2012, 6:02 pm ET by Gretchen Gavett

    This week’s for-profit education news features two lawsuits filed against two different companies. One suit was settled; another, from a whistleblower, was just made public.

    Both involve allegations that the industry relies on deceptive recruiting practices, and both involve companies FRONTLINE investigated in College, Inc. and Educating Sergeant Pantzke.

    A complaint unsealed on Tuesday revealed that a former associate director of admissions at South University has filed a whistleblower lawsuit against parent company Education Management Corporation, alleging fraud against U.S. taxpayers. The complaint alleges recruiters were using false data to lure students into applying for government loans.

    Jason Sobek, who filed the suit in 2010, claims EDMC “had a corps of recruiters, all well-trained in sales and closing techniques, who perfected the art of preying on the hopes and dreams of vulnerable students desperately seeking better lives.”

    Read More – FrontLine Report

  6. SFA Reporter says:

    Florida attorney general investigating 5 for-profit universities
    October 21, 2010|By Scott Travis, Sun Sentinel

    Adding more scrutiny to an embattled industry, Florida Attorney General Bill McCollum has begun investigating allegations of deceptive practices at five for-profit higher education companies.

    The civil investigation, which opened Monday, focuses on consumer complaints made against Kaplan Inc., the University of Phoenix, MedVance Institute, Argosy University and Everest University. They include allegations that the schools made misrepresentations regarding financial aid and engaged in unfair practices in recruiting, enrollment, accreditation, job placement and graduation rates.

    Sun Sentinel

  7. SFA Reporter says:

    The growing internet problem ~ EXTORTION. The MAFIA style business practices are now becoming the acceptable way to have an online business. Here’s why this is a growing problem…..

    If you successfully start an online business, i.e. a website that generate significant traffic, guess what? You have a problem.

    If you have a brick and mortal business and your customers have complained about the product or service, let say those complaints are listed online, guess what you have a problem?

    The complaint will now appear on several consumer complaints sites perhaps including SFA. The other so-called consumer complaint sites would try to EXTORT money from you.

    If you have your mugshot taken for whatever reason, guess what you have a problem? It may find it’s way to the internet and the site operators are requesting PAYMENTS for removal.

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