PNM Electric

PNM Electric of New Mexico issued this ALERTPNM

We have heard from many customers that they have received phone calls from individuals claiming to be calling from PNM or “PNM disconnect department”.

Important notes:

  • These callers were not representing PNM.
  • PNM does not have a “disconnect department”.
  • We suspect these calls are part of a scam.

If you have any questions about any callers identifying themselves as PNM employees, please contact PNM Customer Service:

Statewide: (888) DIAL-PNM / (888) 342-5766

The scam artist is requesting immediate payment be made by credit card or money order in order for the customer to avoid being disconnected.

Please do not:

give your banking / credit card information to these callers.
follow their instructions to purchase a money order or cash card and to call them back with the receipt number.

About the callers:

They told the customer that their electric service was going to be turned off or that their last payment did not go through.
They told the customer to go to a specific store, such as 7-11 or K-Mart and purchase a money order or cash card with cash. Then to call them back with the receipt number.
Another scenario is the customer is asked to immediately pay over the phone using their credit card.

About real PNM calls:

We do call customers whose bills are past due.
Our caller ID number will read (505) 241-2000.
Our customers have many ways to pay their bill, and we will not tell you that you have to pay a specific way – such as by a money order or credit card.

Please contact PNM if you have any questions:

Statewide: (888) DIAL-PNM / (888) 342-5766


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