Dissecting PredatorsWatch Websites

The question that needs to be answer is this, are online criminal becoming bold enough to ignore public outcry of outrageous sites or they just aren’t intimated?

The websites that caused such an uproar beginning in late October 2012 are:

Is such a behavior bravery? Or is this just insanity? Is this lack of poor judgment?

We know that the operators of predatorswatch.com are not only public record harvesters, they are also porn operators.

Michael Wayne King aka Michael King aka Mike King of Miami, Florida list phone number 1.888.658.0994 as contact for web services. Incidentally, the same number is listed for http://SkyTrack.in whose address details below:

102, Jubilee Hills
Hyderabad – 500045

Based on our investigation, predictorswatch and affiliated websites are part of a gang of individuals for which Michael W. King aka Mike King of Miami, Florida is associated with. It appears like his background in Law enforcement is a valuable assets as he harvest public records database for profits.

1 888.658.0994


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  1. Predators Watch is a one of several websites created at the end of 2012(http://www.statscrop.com/www/predatorswatch.com ) that claim to allow submissions of anonymous reports so that individuals are included in its directory-style database as sexual predators with an “active” status. An anonymous reporter can submit an individual’s name, age, picture, location, phone number, and/or e-mail address. Reported individuals are immediately included in the directory, in which anyone can browse individuals through a search engine—by location, name, e-mail address, or phone number. They then send the person who was reported an email telling them they will be removed from the site for a fee of $99.95.

    Predators Watch does not limit the location from which an individual can make an anonymous report or the location of reported individuals. The website also does not provide a physical address for the organization or the website creators’ contact information.

    It does, however, have a Frequently Asked Questions page. On this page the creators inform visitors that they cannot be sued for Defamation|libel due to the Communications Decency Act (which implies that the creators are from the United States, but it is not explicitly stated in the website).

    It is also stated in the Frequently Asked Questions page that in order to offset the costs associated with changing the database’s contents on an individual basis, individuals can delete anyone from the directory if they pay a one-time fee of $99.95 online.

    Predators Watch, Potential Prostitutes and Potential Predators were all registered in October 2012. These sites claim that they have successfully defended lawsuits against themselves in U.S. courts of law, but lawyer author at Popehat Kenneth White claims that this is impossible within this time frame.
    He says this is typical of these kinds of sites.
    Sister site Potential Prostitutes got mentioned in the Daily Mail. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2254392/Potential-Prostitutes-site-posts-photos-phone-numbers-women-users-claim-hookers-charges-offenders-removal.html Kenneth White also says “”Moreover, Section 230 is not a defense to criminal charges. Extortion is a crime in many states, and a federal crime to the extent it uses interstate communication.

    Similarly, to the extent the site makes deliberately false statements of fact to extort money, its purveyors may have committed fraud, which is both a state and federal crime.”” Gizmodo claims that this site “”is designed exclusively to shame women in the name of fake puritanism, they will demand $100 from the abuse victim before taking down the file.

    Many who claim to be innocent victims of Predators Watch have filed complaints on consumer report and anti-fraud websites, such as RipoffReport.com, scamFRAUDalert.org and thedatingjudge.com and consumer reporting sites.

    These individuals claim that Predators Watch is an extortion and Blackmail blackmailing website that scours the internet –targeting contact information-laden websites like Craigslist– for anyone who has publicly shared their picture, name, phone number, and/or e-mail address.
    http://scamfraudalert.org/category/scam-alert/extortion-scam/ extortion scam « scamFRAUDalert Reports

    There are reports that PredatorsWatch site harvests their information from such websites; their information is included in its directory before they are given an e-mail notification that they must pay the online fee, should they want their information permanently removed from the directory that appears on Web search engine|internet search engines.

    http://thedatingjudge.com/predatorswatch-com-is-a-site-that-blackmails-craigslist-users/ PredatorsWatch.com Is A Site That BlackMails CraigsList Users |]

    Many have considered taking Class action|legal action and vehemently advocate the termination of the website.
    http://www.reddit.com/r/anonymous/comments/16jdzy/help_scam_sex_predator_site_predatorswatchcom/ Help! Scam sex predator Site! Predatorswatch.com : anonymous

    The creators of PredatorsWatch previously had a similar website, PotentialPredators which they’ve shut down and erected predatorswatch.com. They are also the owners of the anonymous website reporting alleged prostitutes, Potential Prostitutes.http://onlinethreatalerts.wordpress.com/2012/12/23/predatorswatch-com-aka-potentialpredators-com/ predatorswatch.com aka potentialpredators.com « scamFRAUDalert online threat alerts expose][http://www.ripoffreport.com/potential-predators/internet-fraud/internet-internet-7e320.htm Ripoff Report | Potential Predators | Complaint Review: 944074]
    http://scamfraudalert.org/2012/09/20/whois-potential-predators-www-potentialpredators-com/ WhoIs Potential Predators ~ http://www.potentialpredators.com « scamFRAUDalert Reports]
    http://www.ripoffreport.com/predators-watch-supp/sex-offenders/internet-internet-15b8b.htm Ripoff Report | Predators Watch Support | Complaint Review: 995572]
    http://www.justanswer.com/law/75dob-potentialpredators-com.html Potentialpredators.com, – JustAnswer]

    The administrative contact is listed as Gottfrid Svartholm of PRQ Inet KB, a Stockholm based company but it is not obvious he is associated with the site.
    http://www.dailydot.com/society/potential-prostitutes-blackmail-extortion-fee/ The hosting is supplied by CyberBunker, a Netherlands based datacenter.

    scamFRAUDalert have confirmed that the creator of predatorswatch.com to be one Michael W. King of Miami, Florida. Michael King also owns sites WikiWarnings.com and Warning-Notice.com

    External links

    http://www.potentialprostitutes.com – Potential Prostitutes
    Affiliate website
    http://www.wikiwarnings.com Wiki Warnings
    http://www.warning-notice.com Warning Notice

    Complaint Resolution Platforms for Consumers and Businesses:
    http://www.scamFRAUDalert./ scamFRAUDalert
    https://www.ripoffreport.com/ RipoffReport

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