To: ED Magedson of
Stop Being A Hypocrite. In 2000, you accused the Better Business Bureau of engaging in Pay for Play Reports….and now you are doing the SAME.


DELETE All BOGUS REPORTS on Regarding scamFRAUDalert.

Is ED Magedson of a Lunatic crackpot or a wacko? In our opinion, the answer is unequivocally yes.

Here is why ED …………. a quote from a consumer
Someone posted on that I had aids and made several false allegations against me. state that they will not remove these false postings. This site has taken my life away. I go to sleep crying every night, and I wake up wishing this would all go away.

We at scamFRAUDalert believe ED Magedson DBA should POLICE his site to enhance site’s credibility.

There has to be some degree of accuracy for complaints filed on Ripoffreport to maintain sanity ED. Not every complaints merit the non-removable policy. Everyone can not be treated the SAME.

scambook reports

ED Magedson ~

We are not lawyers.
We are not a collection agency.
We are Consumer Advocates.
…the victims’ advocate
WE are Civil and Human Rights Activists
We are a Nationwide Consumer Reporting News Agency
…by consumers, for consumers
Don’t let them get away with it!
Make sure they make the Ripoff Report!

Ripoff Report
PO Box 310,
Tempe, Arizona, 85280

From: ScamFraudAlert []
Sent: Sunday, December 30, 2012 11:11 AM
Cc: EDITOR; Maria Speth
Subject: Thank You

Sagacity Corporation
Trump Tower
401 N. Wabash Ave., Unit 31D
Chicago, IL 60611

Reference: Defamatory Post On

Dear Matthew Smith and Rain Foster:

I just wanted to extend my appreciation to you two and your staffs for taking the appropriate steps in removing just outright lies posted on regarding me and scamFRAUDalert. removed all postings regarding scamFRAUDalert.

This is what consumer advocacy sites are all about. To look out for each other and prevent those who seek to destroy us from succeeding. Well appreciated.





From: Ripoff Report
To: scamFRAUDalert
Date: Sun, Dec 30, 2012 at 3:05 PM
Subject: you are a fraud – RE: Thank You
: Important mainly because of the words in the message.


You are a fraudster, a liar, a thief of copyrighted material, and someone who filed fraudulent counter DMCA notices – in plain English, you are on my shit list.

you are not even worth the time to write this email.

Until you send notice back to Google that you lied, in my eyes you are a fraud and a ripoff piece of garbage.


9 thoughts on “Perpectives

  1. SFA Reporter says:

    Love It Or Hate It, Ripoff Report Is In Expansion Mode

    Adam Tanner, Contributor FORBES

    Ed Magedson lives at a secret location in Arizona, convinced that some people not only fantasize about killing him but would actually do so if they got the chance. His home – he has moved repeatedly in

    ED Magedson ~ ED Magedson2recent years — sits fortified behind fences with cameras watching for intruders. He makes special arrangements to dispose of trash lest enemies go through his detritus. He worries that a stray hair could leave behind DNA clues. He records his phone conversations, and if he meets a new person, sometimes hires bodyguards to sit nearby.

    Why all the elaborate precautions? Magedson, 61, runs Depending on your point of view, Magedson either champions consumer rights or callously destroys reputations. His site allows anyone to complain anonymously about any firm or person, and no matter what, Magedson says he will not remove the posting. (There’s a way to get it removed from Google, though.) But he will accept thousands of dollars per case for his corporate advocacy program, in which companies can place content above the offending comments after agreeing to handle customer complaints promptly and making a “a written commitment to providing superior customer satisfaction regarding their products and services.

    Consumer champion empowering the little guy against scams and bad service, or eccentric exploiter? I wanted to meet him to see what he had to say for himself. But first I would have to locate him.

    Read More …… FORBES

  2. SFA Reporter says:

    In our opinion the Internet Posting Removal Act is long overdue. We need to crub criminality from the internet if we are enjoy the benefits. Anonymity should encourages bad behavior.

    February 13 2013 – Referred to Assignments
    Pending: Senate Assignments Committee
    Text: Latest bill text (Introduced) [HTML]

    Creates the Internet Posting Removal Act. Provides that a web site administrator shall, upon request, remove any posted comments posted by an anonymous poster unless the anonymous poster agrees to attach his or her name to the post and confirms that his or her IP address, legal name, and home address are accurate. Effective 90 days after becoming law.

  3. SFA Reporter says:

    It is our deepest regret that ED Magedson founder of and THE EDITOR of the site has decided to aid those who seek to destroy scamFRAUDalert by providing them a platform for them to publish FALSE information or whatever they want.

    We are referring to the owner(s)/operator(s) of the sites below:

    We at scamFRAUDalert do NOT encourage, engage in or condor such behavior. We POLICE our sites with the highest level of integrity. This is our trademark and we pride our work on this.

    We too are not perfect. Best of luck ED as we compete going forward.

  4. SFA Reporter says:

    Do You Have Any Shame
    Jan 2, 2013
    to Ripoff


    The individuals you’ve allowed to continue to post nonsense about me on your site have also targeted your in house Attorney….. David Gingras. Yet you’ve provided them with a platform to publish FALSE STATEMENTS about me. What is your problem here ED?

    Sexual Molestation – David Gingras Attorney
    by Darren Chaker on Oct 23, 2012

    Criminal record concerning David Gingras, attorney for . It appears either Jaburg & Wilk who employed David Gingras failed to conduct a background check or simply did not care about sexual conduct with a minor.

    I am so disappointed and disgusted with your behavior. This behavior mirror the individuals were are up against. What is your PROBLEM?

    Can you NOT see what they are attempting to DO? Come on WAKE UP ED.

    I found the link by looking at images for….. The assholes behind Potential Predators,, etc….



    On Sun, Dec 30, 2012 at 11:10 PM, Ripoff Report wrote:

    Google had no right to know?

    You ripped me off like you did others you piece of garbage, poor excuse of crap that you are.

    Do not email me again you shit bag.

    From: ScamFraudAlert []
    Sent: Sunday, December 30, 2012 11:55 PM
    To: Ripoff Report
    Subject: Re: Archie is a f liar. RE: scamFRAUDalert = RE: Happy New Year ED

    Google have ABSOLUTELY no RIGHT to know about disputes between competing sites unless you want THEM to.

    I would have appreciated if you would have contacted me and asked if I would remove postings you’ve identified before sending Google your DMCA Notices out of mutual respect for each other.

    Like I’ve said all along, I am not one of your enemies. All I seek is a working relationship with ROR.

    Happy New Year.

    On Sun, Dec 30, 2012 at 9:34 PM, Ripoff Report wrote:

    You are just a f liar. You steal content not only from me. You are a no good SOB.
    How dare you ask me to withdraw my complaint with Google you piece of shit poor excuse for a human.
    You steal our content! You don’t want Google to know you are a f liar! ? you are.
    If you are not on medication, you need to get on some. Go see a doctor.

    You are a pathological liar.

    Archie.. Do not email me again.

    From: ScamFraudAlert []
    Sent: Sunday, December 30, 2012 10:21 PM
    To: Ripoff Report
    Subject: Re: scamFRAUDalert = RE: Happy New Year ED


    It’s Archie. Look we can resolve this easily. I promised you that I would removed all links you’ve identified or reword the posts to RESPECT your concerns once the site return online. In return, I am asking you to withdrawal your DMCA Notices.

    Now, the individual you’ve allowed to endlessly published nonsense about me within the last six weeks is a SEO and Reputation Management slime. You frown upon these dirt backs but yet you are allowing them to smear others without any justifications.

    Below is a quote from you:

    Reputation Management the new “digital extortion” Are you thinking about hiring a Reputation Management Company or an SEO company to help “repair” your reputation or hide negative complaints? WARNING! Hiring an SEO company might seem like a good idea, but you might be making a huge mistake – victims claim threats, extortion, and much worse. Is there a negative complaint about you on the Internet? Paying Reputation management companies can make a bad problem much worse. Internet, Nationwide

    Now this guy posting shit about me on ROR is the operator of these sites WikiWarnings aka Potential Predators aka PredatorsWatch aka,, MikeKingUSA.COM.

    Once he got discovered dba Potential Predators dba, hes has been on a tarage of posting negative shits online about me most notably on His diatribe is directed towards the less fortunate of our society including President Obama.

    Not only has he posted shits on your site, he has erected sites in my name and purchased shits from search firms and posting them.

    Below is a list of known sites just erected within the past 7 days.

    Where is your PRINCIPLE ED? Where do you DRAW the LINE? I am so disgusted and frustrated with your tolerance for such. YOU GOT TO HAVE PRINCIPLE TO RUN A SITE SUCH AS YOURS ED.

    At any rate, your knowledge in the consumer advocacy would is worth a billion dollars and this is that knowledge I like to tap into.


    On Sun, Dec 30, 2012 at 8:45 PM, Ripoff Report wrote:

    Richard –

    This is the last response I will have with you until you make a public statement and copy me on your notice back to Google. Right now I don’t like you at all.

    Once you’ve copy me and I mean copy me on your email to Google admitting what you did was wrong and you withdraw your counter notice – we have absolutely nothing to talk about. Nothing. I don’t get pissed at too many things – I am pissed about this. I strongly suggest that you fix this soon.

    From: ScamFraudAlert []
    Sent: Sunday, December 30, 2012 4:57 PM
    To: EDITOR
    Subject: Happy New Year ED

    Happy New Year ED.

    As you know scamFRAUDalert have the uttermost respect for the work you are doing to help keep the internet safe.

    We are beneficiary of your enduring work and the sacrifices you’ve made. You have paved the way for someone like myself i.e. scamFRAUDalert to follow. You are the pioneer of consumer advocacy. We respect you.

    We will keep open our invitation and extend our arms to you to partner with or work together on mutual respects.

    With this said, we at SFA wish you, your staffs and ROR A HAPPY NEW YEAR……


    PS: Remember……scamFRAUDalert is not one of your enemies.

  5. SFA Reporter says:


    As you have seen, the web site ( has the goal to help consumers.

    What will do:

    After your written approval, we will E-mail all the consumers who feel they were victimized, stating that they will get a full refund plus a min of 5% more for their inconvenience explaining (something to the effect of) management did not realize this was going on, and they are glad (as we discussed by phone) that these Rip-off Reports were there to let them know of the problems. With over 900 offices, there will always be some complaints and things happening out of their control. And the fact that your company seems to be happy this was brought to your attention, wanting to rectify a problem you were not aware of and are now fixing it and offering a full refund. We can also explain the fact that these are independent offices and you have not control as you explained on the phone.

    We will include in a mailing to the unsatisfied customers a contact number and e-mail address of a specific person handling these complaints at Hy Cite?

    Once a complaint is resolved, the Report will be updated in the Rip-off Report title to show the companies willingness to work with their customer.

    Rip-off Report will contact Hy Cite within 48 hours of a NEW posted Rip-off Report. As we notify your designated person, we will e-mail the unsatisfied customer on who to contact, because your company wants to take care of all these situations.

    We will also include a link onto the specific Rip-off Reports about your company, a statement from Hy Cite (which you will write) .. that will be your letter to existing and future consumers on why are you helping them, something about your business and your commitment to getting to the bottom of these problems. This will be very convincing to any consumer to do business with you after looking at the specific Rip-off Report on your company.

    If for some reason the consumer will not respond to our mailing, we will try calling them, If we get no response, at all, we will then UPDATE The Report as to our investigation, and the title and the Report will reflect Hy Cites willingness to satisfy this customer, but apparently they either filed a bogus Report, or they are a disgruntled employee, a competitor etc, what ever our findings, with some assistance from you, as to the possibilities of why they did not respond, the Report will reflect that and will definitely put you in a good light, if any customer reads any Rip-off Report on you, ..because you will be trying to make all the unsatisfied customers happy.

    What Hy Cite needs to do:

    Live up to their agreement to satisfy all complaints that come to Rip-off Report

    Hy Cite will only give a refund if they have the web address of the customers specific Rip-off Report, so when the customer has been satisfied, that info will be sent to, so Rip-off Report can assist your customer, making sure they UPDATE the Report to let everyone know what good business people you are.

    What will receive for this service:

    We see that you have about a total of about 25 to 30 complaints. After you submitted to us your explanation as to the reason for these complaints, will evaluate your statement, to see if we can work with it to make this program work..

    If accepted , before the mailing goes out to start this Corporate Customer Advocacy Program to your unsatisfied customers, we will require a check for $30,000 made payable to Once this mailing goes out, and all the reports are UPDATED in a positive light by either HY Cite refunding their money or by stating Hy Cite tried to refund and the author of the report was either a disgruntled employee..etc etc ?

    Once all the Reports are updated, we would receive an additional $20,000 with in 5 days of the last Report being UPDATED, we would notify you by e-mail . We will notify Ingrid (or whoever you designate) of this, and would expect the payment to be sent over night mail to a designated address at that time?

    ALSO (additional cost) : is willing to assist in any investigation or complaints about your company, and willing to explain your willingness to comply as we truthfully see it. You may have prospective customers and possible franchises call us..

    If we get any e-mail on your company or a Rip-off Report comes in, that indo will be immediately be forwarded to your designated employee. We will give you a chance to take care of the situation avoiding a possible new Rip-off Report being posted.

    Starting 30 days after the second payment of $20,000 we would require a monthly retainer of $1,500. Assuming the e-mail complaints and or Rip-ff Reports do not exceed more than 4 a month?

    IN Closing:

    You should know, we looked hard at your situation, and called several of the Report Authors on your company, ..this is a difficult case, where it is hard for us to understand why your company and your independent offices treated these people they way they have as these customers truly feel very violated.

    We feel this will make authorities take another look at what you are doing before furthering any investigation, as they will see you are taking care of business, even though it may not be all Hy Cites fault, because you cannot watch every move across the country?

    We feel by you doing this program, you will be able to use it with future clients as a sales tool as to how you do business? after all?

    Every company receives complaints, but how they handle those complaints separates good business from bad business.

    ED Magedson 602-359-4357

  6. SFA Reporter says:

    It is unfortunate that ED Magedson and his Attorney Maria Crimi Speth have chosen the public airing of our dispute.

    Let me make this CLEAR to those who will REJOICE in this dispute. Ripoffreport will continue to be a distance friend of scamFRAUDalert.

    We do not agree with ED’s method or what his motives are or whatever is going on inside ED’s derange head or what he’s trying to accomplish. From what we have gathered, ED d/b/a is attempting to gain competitive advantage by allowing negative post to be put up against scamFRAUDalert.

    All we seek from is a mutual friendship so that we both benefit from our efforts.

    scamFRAUDalert have the uttermost respect for in it’s consumer advocacy even though we do not agree with ED Magedson dba Xcentric Ventures, LLC dba policy of not exercising some editorial discretion regarding blantantly false reports and their Corporate Advocacy Program.

    With this being said, will continue to be a FRIEND of SFA.

    date:Wed, Oct 3, 2012

    Maria Crimi Speth, Esq.
    Jaburg & Wilk, P.C.
    3200 N. Central Ave., Suite 2000
    Phoenix, AZ 85012 a/k/a BadBusiness Bureau
    Xcentric Ventures, LLC
    P.O. Box 470
    Tempe, AZ 85280

    Dear Ms. Speth & Mr. Magedson:

    Scam FRAUD Alert is Service Trademark protected. We reserve the right to require any user to cease and desist the use of our trademark name “scamfraudalert” or “scam fraud alert” or “scam fraud” in any shape and form. Please cease and desist the use of “scamFRAUDalert” or “scam fraud alert ” or “scam and fraud” in any form in any publication on and all other domains you may have in your possession across all platforms. Xcentric Venture, LLC is infringement on my trademark. Please refer to links below.
    As I have reached out to you, I plead with you both that we reach an amiable solution to our differences and work together.

    I am not one of your enemies ED Magedson.

    The word “scam fraud alert” is protected under US PATENT and TRADEMARK OFFICE. The use of the words “scamfraudalert” infringes on our trademark.
    Registration Number: 4014120

    Thank you,

    (866) 398-1178

    Dear scamFRAUDalert:

    You need to hire a lawyer. You do not understand the law and your claim of trademark infringement is frivolous. Every court that has ever considered the issue agrees that use of a trademark to describe the services of the trademark owner is legal and not an infringement. We are done with emails. I am drafting and filing a lawsuit for copyright infringement.

    Maria Crimi Speth, Esq.
    Jaburg & Wilk, P.C.
    3200 N. Central Ave., Suite 2000
    Phoenix, AZ 85012

    602-248-0522 (fax)

  7. SFA Reporter says:

    from: ED – Ripoff Report
    to: scamFRAUDalert
    date: Sun, Jan 8, 2012 at 1:12 AM
    subject: RE: copyright infringement… Is My Copycat
    : Important mainly because of your interaction with messages in the conversation

    Email and explain to him what you need.. I have no idea what to put .. but I will be glad to help if I can.

    WTH is he suing you for anyway?

    What business is he in how? Give a link (s) to his businesses.

    Send me a copy of the lawsuit between you.


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