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Lisa Depew says thank you on
Certified Payment Processing [CCP]

Thanks to people putting up their comments on here you have saved me from the same hell you have already gone through. Thanks again and God Bless


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  1. SFA Reporter says:

    Dee Said

    I just received this email today. I thought it was a scam.
    Thanks for your posting!!! I hope other people check google first before they get sucked
    into this scam.

    Good day!

    We considered your resume to be very attractive and we thought the vacant position in our company could be interesting for you.

    Our firm specializes in consultation services in the matter of bookkeeping and business administration.
    We cooperate with different countries and currently we have many clients in the US.
    Due to this fact, we need to increase the number of our destination representatives’ regular staff.

    You will be responsible for shipping goods from multiple shops through our company to different places.
    Part-time and full-time employment are both currently important.
    We offer a flat wage from $1000 up to $3,500 per month.

    If you are interested in our offer, mail to us your answer on and we will send you an extensive information as soon as possible.

    Attention! Accept applications only on this and next week.

    Respectively submitted
    Personnel department

  2. SFA Reporter says:

    Good Morning

    My name is Sam Keefe and I’m the Marketing Manager at AVID Technical Resources. We have a bit of a counterintuitive issue here that I think you could help us out with. Your website does great things! I looked at it and Iove your mission and work.

    However, it’s actually hurting us, one of the victims of this scam. The way your website talks about how our name is being fraudulently used actually makes it seem like we are a fake company to somebody who’s not paying attention. Especially in search results. See the screenshot, below.

    We’ve worked very hard to create a strong brand and we have a ton of really satisfied clients and candidates. Check out the 107 google reviews we’ve amassed. The LA office is indeed real, as you’ll find on our website. I do see (and we’ve gotten calls from people fooled by it) that our name is being used by a scam company. But is there any way to re-post this in some way that doesn’t hurt our hard-won reputation? Or even to delete the post since it is now being investigated (I reported it myself to the FBI, as I’m sure many others have)? This is very, very upsetting for us to have this misleading result show up right below us on google searches.

    My inquiry is only asserted with the utmost respect, and since your mission is so noble, I felt you might be willing to help us resolve this. Your heart is very clearly in the right place! I think it’s also worth noting that ScamWarners was able to help us out since we had a similar issue with the way they were representing this info, too. I’ve added a screenshot of how their discussion of this scam now shows in Google. (They also said they’d fix the description below the header very soon, too!)

    Please feel free to respond via email or to call me (my cell and work number are in my signature below and you can call me on my cell after 8-5). I am on EST, but If the hours don’t quite match up, I’ll make sure I’m available to talk during your business hours– even if I have to wake up very early or stay up very late. This is a really important matter for me. Thanks!!!

    Sam Keefe | Interactive Marketing Manager

  3. Lisa says:

    Thanks so much for these posts because I almost joined too! Definitely didn’t give any account info or sign a contract. I did some research first as well and came across this page and I checked the BBB also and no record of this company!

  4. says:

    I want to thank you for this site. They must have retrieved my resume from a job search engine, because I received a check in the mail for $1,990.70 for mystery shopper and it is real enough, but decided to go online first before trying to deposit it.

    It is from an agency in the US not anything out of the country. Also, from Bank of America, so this is a pretty legitimate looking check that had I not really been skeptical I might have been excited enough to take them up on this offer. I decided to check first and this site came up and am very glad that I did check first. I would not have been able to afford this kind of funds coming out of my account to repay.

    Thank you again for all the information.

  5. Kathy Kemp says:

    Thank You for your information on “”. I just received 2 emails from them regarding IT Outsourcing position. The email was done extremely well. What “red flag” that got my attention was, they kept saying these monies will be wire transferred into my banking account (I must have an account)! Plus the monthly pay was extremely high too. ($3,000 to $4,500).

  6. Chris says:

    Hello please post this also… Another Indonesian SCAM website !


    From: Pet Indo Store
    Sent: Friday, August 30, 2013 3:15 AM
    Subject: Re: Someone submitted the form from your ‘Contact Us’ page
    Sorry, we don’t have your products. But i need your money in our country.
    thank you
    On Fri, Aug 30, 2013 at 2:07 PM, Beware! wrote:
    Someone submitted the form from your ‘Contact Us’ page
    A user has submitted the contact form on your store.
    Here are their details:
    Full Name: Beware!
    Email Address:
    Company Name:
    Phone Number:
    Order Number:
    You will be reported to every website, bank, government agency and law enforcement agency.
    Pet Indo Store

    Hello there
    Please make the payment to bank account information as below and send an scanned proof of transfer bank so we can prepare the shipment soon.
    ACCOUNT NUMBER : 90000-1536-6850
    Thank you and waiting confirmation from you.

  7. CW says Thank You says:

    Name: CW
    Website: http://StarconITServices
    Comment: I kind of knew it was to good to be true but I didn’t to my research still today. What action do I need to take I sent some documents my ID an address paper. I can’t believe this them seem so professional I even spoke with someone. I haven’t received any money into my bank account I told them it was a fake one I don’t know if that’s going to work I really hope so. If you would like to contact me my cell number is x-xxx-xxxx.
    Thank You for warning people like me.

    Time: August 9, 2013 at 11:15 am
    IP Address:
    Contact Form URL:

  8. Hector Garcia Dequevedo says:

    Thank you so much for this information about Access Global Services didn’t know their license was revoke. They are putting up ads all over looking for security officers and stating they took over a contract and need officers asap to fill roster spots.

  9. Gresh says:

    Thank you Thank you Thank you to I almost fell for it too. B***S***!! Scams never seem to stop.

    Thought i might have had a job with them but thank God I checked it out first. Good luck to anybody else who gets intrigued by this.

    Always investigate.

  10. prak says:

    Hello Guys

    I really appreciate all of you for your quick comments on scam site I had booked iphone couple of week ago but i didn’t pay them & i was observe that scam guy’s reply i had doubt on him I ask for Pay pal he ignore my comment & I was alert. Anyway many thanks

  11. Johnny says:

    Thanks a lot for the “Heads-UPS”…Yesterday, In Fact I did get the Same Exact Letter…..”Word – 4 – Word”…. The Manner Of “English Present in this Letter” did not seem Correct..Either.

  12. Pablo says:

    From: Sonia R. Lamar

    Finance Officer – United Kingdom
    Job Title : Finance Officer (No Experience Required)
    Location : United Kingdom
    Salary : £22,000 (Full-Time); £16,000 (Part-Time)

    The ideal candidate will have:

    – Age 18+
    – Able to work independently
    – Good communication skills
    – Team player
    – Immediate start available

    We offer – absolutely free study in UK with a trainer, computer tests, practice.

    If you would like more details on this role please email back and We will send you an email with information.

    HR Manager,

    Sonia R. Lamar
    Lawing Business Company

    • Daryl B. Pamittan says:

      Hi, I would like to ask if u still have a job vacancy?, I’m Daryl B. Pamittan from the Philippines.

      I graduated as Bachelor of Science in Computer studies majoring Airline Operation. I’m willing to apply at your company I’m easy to learn. Thank you

  13. Karen Slade says:

    Karen Slade

    June 28, 2010 at 4:11 am

    This what I got today,this was for my son, Thank God I put my email address. Thanks to your site i can now say this one is not for my son.

    From: “Julie Donovan”
    Date: Mon, 28 Jun 2010 10:47:31 +0200 (CEST)
    X-DinaScanner-Information: DinaScanner. Filtro anti-Spam y anti-Virus
    X-MailScanner-ID: 1A3F527306A.A4478
    X-DinaScanner: Este E-Mail no ha sido analizado.
    X-Spam-Status: No


    Our HR Department has found your resume on line and would like to offer you a Payment Processing Agent position.

    The job we offer is a part-time with a flexible schedule. Working hours: 2-5 hours a day, Monday through Friday. It’s possible to work from home and communicate via internet & cell phone.

    Job requirements:
    – 18+ y/o;
    – Computer at home;
    – 24/7 internet access;
    – No criminal background;

    No need to pay for enrollment! All fees and expenses are covered by MTA Group Inc.

    We offer a training (30 days) for employees whose application forms are approved.

    During this time you’ll be getting all detailed instructions and training from our online support.

    GBP 1,800 is paid at the end of probationary period via wire transfer to your bank account plus commission.

    If you would like to learn more, please email us at

    Note: we apologize for using a Gmail account and not a company one, it is necessary to avoid getting SPAM letters that can damage our system.

    Awaiting your prompt reply.

    Julie Donovan

  14. SERENA says:

    October 21, 2009 at 8:06 am

    I want to personally thank this forum for posting your comments regarding this company. This morning 10/21/09 I received a call from a TONI MIKKELSON representing Your Grant Assistant located at 10625 North Military Trail suite 204, Palm Beach , Florida 33410, offering to provide me with an access code for 2.95 to obtain grant information.

    Because of ALL the SCAMS out here, I asked to put her on hold and GOOGLED the address she gave and came across this post. I almost fell for it , but when she told me that she had obtained my email address from a recent inquiry I did online for grants and then turned around and asked for it again….I became suspicious and immediately went online to research.

    Fortunately, I had given her no further information or access to my account. When I returned to the line I told her what I had discovered and told her that it is a SHAME how people are under such financial strain, that she and her bogus company would STEAL from people. I asked her if she has a family which she declined to answer, but I told her that PREDATORS just like she works for are everywhere, imagine one of your family members who is struggling to pay bills being taken advantage of ..just like you tried to take advantage of me…

    Of course she discontinued the call.


  15. Suzette Autry says:

    Suzette Autry August 20, 2009 at 7:51 am

    Thank you for this website. Neweca Payments got my e-mail address from a resume I posted. I coul not find anything at the BBB regarding this company. I always check out a company before I reply.

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