Goldcomllc –

Steven Christopher (2 first names) 1st red flag called me and said he was from goldcomllc – a grant company and he was responding to my request for a grant. i told him i was a start up green energy company and i wanted to build my proto/types, and i needede trucks, tools, and a warehouse. he asked me if i had a business plan and i said yes, then he asked me some questions about how much money i needed, and it came to $271,000.00

He said he would call me back in 1 hour and tell me if i was approved, so i called back 15 minutes later and a different person answered the phone with a southern accent and and said he was steven christopher and i went along with it, and then I googled goldcomllc and found a scam alert on the company, they switched names in january from direct business company , compass national, interlan, etc,etc, and there website was just put up in january 2012, and they already have 2 complaints in feb 2012, they get you to bank wire $3999.00 for a business plan that any moron can write and when he called me back in the next hour he said congradulations you were approved for $217,000.00 grant and i said great how long before i can receive it, and he said 4 to 6 months i would have the money, the states attorney of Albuquerque new Mexico has been informed that they will seize the server of there website and shut down their bank account wells fargo 11199 montgomery blvd n.e. albuquerque, new mexico routing # 107002192 account # 5790173446.

They are a total scam working from prepaid cell phones. they must be stopped.


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