Data Breaches A National Crisis, Really?

When Investigative Reporter Brian Krebs broke the news that Target Company had experienced a data breach, we at scamFRAUDalert asked the question, how pervasive this was? This was December 24, 2013. Fast forward nine months (9) later, we’ve now learned of JP Morgan Chase and there have been other breaches at Home Depot, […]

Reputation Management Sites

Are Reputation Management sites offering a service that protect businesses and individuals against consumer complaints, accusations and other malfeasance, or are they enabling cyber-criminals? Here’s what we know. As cyber-crime awareness become a trend so as cyber criminals. These pimps reinvent themselves as they are now in the business of […]

California A Major Target For Cyber-Criminals,

California a major target for Cyber-Criminals, says Attorney General Pamela Harris . According to Ms. Harris, cyber-criminals with ties to  Eastern Europe – Russia, UKarine, Lativa, China and Africa are the culprit. We would add Canada, India, Great Britain, Iran, Overland Park, Kansas, Germany, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, France, Italy, Los […]