Albert Ahdoot dba Colocation America and Scott Breitenstein dba Have Frequent Our Sites the Most

A review of the search terms on SFA sites indexed by google revealed that Albert Ahdoot dba Colocation America of Los Angeles and Scott Breitenstein dba of Dayton, Ohio including operators of the sites,, and have pay the most scamFRAUDalert SFA sites.

We are aware that our sites have been hacked and have all reasons to believe that these two individuals  are somehow involved. Nevertheless, we intend on bring them to justice.

Below are the searched terms listings.

  1. mgmforex
  3. 123people usa
  4. remove reviews
  5. colocation america corporation
  6. remove scamgroup posts
  7. badboyreport
  8. instant checkmate wiki
  9. remove & delete a post
  10. ripe net whois
  11. cheaterland removal
  12. data center colocation company orlando
  13. instantcheckmate com reviews
  14. reviews
  15. lombard dui attorney
  16. contract dispute lawyer arlington heights
  17. reviews
  18. one wilshire colocation
  19. ripe ip address lookup
  20. remove information from beenverified
  21. how to remove my information from beenverified
  22. how to remove information from beenverified
  23. colocation los angeles
  24. beenverified
  25. usa
  26. craigslist.ocom
  27. next layer telekommunikationsdienstleistungs – und beratungs gmbh
  28. scamadviser wiki
  29. site scamadviser
  30. webhostingtalk offers
  32. abuse
  33. notice of ceasing to act family court
  34. wipo udrp
  35. what is cheaterland
  36. shesahomewrecker ohio
  39. remove scamfraudalert posts
  40. cheatersrus
  41. repdigger removal
  42. lbduk
  43. liarscheatersandbastards removal
  45. rxfourm
  46. todd ulrich wftv
  47. craigslist.ocom
  48. badboyreport
  49. scott breitenstein dayton ohio
  50. ara inc collection agency
  51. predatorswatch
  52. kidslivesafe scam
  53. 350 e cermak rd chicago il 60616
  54. area code 530 scams
  55. colocation tahiti
  56. goodwill marina del rey
  57. 123people
  58. code postal 86400
  59. dui attorney clifton nj
  60. lv wilshire pm
  61. ripe ip whois
  63. cheaterland website
  64. ripe whois lookup

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