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Sep 20, 2014·scamFRAUDalert.com
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Name: Terry Martin
Email: terry@reputationarea.com
Comment: Attention Marketing Department

We are reaching you to alert you to a recent Ripoff Report filed against your business. Whether the report is accurate or not, if we easily found the below report in Google’s search results, you can bet you’re losing new customers because of it:
Archie Garga Richardson, Archie Richardson, Garga Richardson Archie Richardson aka ScamFraudAlert aka Archie Garga Richardson Glendale Internet


This complaint was filed against your business on 9/12/2014.

We’re Reputation Experts and we help companies like yours repair their damaged online reputation. Please let us know
your phone number , so we can explain how we can help you overcome this business development hurdle.

Thank you,
Terry Martin, Reputation Expert