scamFRAUDalert see it appropriate to ALERT online visitors to Fraud Alert2the domain The domain expired and we forgot to renew it. The domain is currently in the hands of a cybercriminal. DO NOT CLICK the LINK associated with the domain name for NOW.

The criminals HAVE hacked our sites and have been harvesting posts. We intend on getting .org back.

Below are the POSTS that are being harvested with REDIRECTS:

  1. is available for purchase
  2. extortion scam – LinkedIn Invitation ~ Diane Waters
  4. mugshots extortions – LinkedIn Invitation ~ Diane Waters
  6. Popular Facebook Scams – LinkedIn Invitation ~ Diane Waters
  7. scamFRAUDalert Digest –
  8. scamfraudalert . org
  9. – LinkedIn Invitation ~ Diane Waters
  10. unethical – LinkedIn Invitation ~ Diane Waters
  12. extortion scheme – LinkedIn Invitation ~ Diane Waters
  13. public record harvester – › category › public-alert › public-record-harvester
  14. WhoIs ~ – LinkedIn Invitation ~ Diane Waters › 2013/11/22 › whois-globalpharmacyintl-com

site_camfraudalertorg 1site_camfraudalertorg 2


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