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Posted by: RDHambrice at Jun 26, 2004 9:44:00 AMscamalert


Thanks to OnyMouse, we’ve uncovered a new threat from our CRIMINAL pals at, and They are now using a Ukranian webhost/design firm as their contact site. Here is a reply for information found this morning on’s posting board:

“We are very glad that you have interested in our work.
We are design company. We need people with PayPal account for our
The principle of work is very simple:
You will be receiving money to your PayPal account. Your lobe which you will get
as a result of work with us will be the 15 % of cashed amount of money.Then you have to send us the funds using Western Union to the recipient which will be pointed.

Also you can get Money Order from our clients and resend money
us by Western Union.

If you gather to work with us, we need check up your reliability for future
When you will be ready to start just write us a letter and we will we inform you
when you will receive your first deposit!
Since we cannot know about your reliability please try to send money by Western
Union during 24h after receiving them on your PayPal account. Important: This rule is only for first time (test) deposit!

Thank you for your resume, we will wait for your answer.”

Best regards,
Ri.Coza Design Company

Posted by: RDHambrice at Jun 26, 2004 9:37:45 AM

Check-cashing scams continue to solicit victims via online jobs classified adverts.

One such scam has been running for approximately a month here:

The advert asks people to send email to apply for the “job”.

The advert lists a web page which is in fact the home page of a Ukrainian web design company.

This advert appeared immediately after the jobs advert for the same kind of “job” disappeared from the same http://www.careerbuilders site.

There was no response from to a note sent about the scam advert.
Posted by: jd at Jun 25, 2004 11:29:14 PM


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