CB Application SK88475899

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Our HR Department encountered your CBuiIder profile while looking for new candidates thus your savvy and previous experience complies with our requirements.

We are eager to attract the best, so we offer competitive compensation ($3,500 per month/$48,000 per annum, 1099-K structure) and a generous benefits package, including full health insurance and 401(k), for a month training period, after which the further employment terms will be renegotiated. Work schedule is adjustable, but limited to daytime weekdays. The candidate must be a US citizen, have 24 hours internet access, PC skills, smartphone with a camera and a printer.

To Accept feel free reply to this email and include your best phone number.

This is a teleworking job, all position duties are fulfilled online from home, this is why independence and punctuality are important traits a candidate must posess, to prosper in this position, however the personal supervision, instruction and aid will be provided on the first months of employment.

We are professionals in the area of providing condition and liquidity audit, survey and supervision of return claims from various online vendors, wholesale sellers and merchants. We have an opening for an Senior Quality Assurance Analyst who personally conducts inspection, authentification and pricing of return goods, tabulates defects and makes reports on items’ condition.

To Accept feel free reply to this email and include your best phone number.


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