We Are Getting Closer To Identifying SFA Nemesis

Over the years, we make no bones about the many attempts from our distractors to shut us down. And there have been many. But one individual stands out. He or she is relentless in his pursuit and has orchestrated many of the attempts directly and indirectly through many co-conspirators.

We are getting closer to identifying this individual. We know he or she likes to hangout at the famous Tavern Restaurant on San Vicente Boulevard. The address is below.

Tavern Restaurant
11648 San Vicente Boulevard
Los Angeles, California 90049

We’ve also identified the following publisher id and sites to be associated with this individual.

Adsense Publisher ID: ca-pub-4904053220796123
Adsense Publisher ID: ca-pub-9257434654430112
Adsense Publisher ID: ca-pub-7717531029937458

  1. sitetech.tips
  2. htmlexaminer.com
  3. obruchka.com.ua
  4. obruchka.ua
  5. seovip.biz
  6. sitesec.co
  7. sium.co
  8. userexp.net
  9. webyzer.net



We are going to get you. Rest assure we are.


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