WhoIs scamadviser.com aka TurnCommerce?

The website scamadviser.com is making headway in identifying sites that are or consumerALERTmaybe fraudulent. However, we google their publisher ID – pub-7476377478004764 and somehow we found out that they have been listed on scamFRAUDalert – unapprovedpharmacy.com site in 2012

Google Publisher ID: pub-7476377478004764

This is the epidemic to what we have identified off recent. Most individuals that were never a crusaders to fighting scams and fraud online are now leading with slick high search ranking sites on google. To name a few sites such as complaintsboard.com, scambook.com, scamguard.com, etc. etc. etc.

These sites do identify scams but they are also a marketing operations or whatever.


Intrusion Attack_scamadviser



The following domains were listed on server: resolves to web1.flowerangels.com.

The following A records are set to

  1. flowerangels.com
  2. hipio.com
  3. intense-events.com
  4. intenseevents.com
  5. isitdodgy.com
  6. m8u.com
  7. mad4portugal.com
  8. ns.flowerangels.com
  9. ns.hipio.com
  10. ns.intense-events.com
  11. ns.intenseevents.com
  12. ns.m8u.com
  13. ns.mad4portugal.com
  14. ns.the-xfactor.biz
  15. ns.theglobalopen.com
  16. ns2.m8u.com
  17. ns2.the-xfactor.biz
  18. scamadviser.com
  19. scamadvisor.com
  20. scamadvisors.com
  21. scambouncers.com
  22. the-xfactor.biz

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