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ScamFRAUDalert see it appropriate to issue this ALERT as job seekers have complained that they are bombarded with text messages from the website The numbers associated with these texts are below.

Update: It has been brought to our attention that is associated with the domain A domain we have identified as being part of Alec Difrawi dba Expand, Inc. dba Softrock, Inc. dba Gigats dba Three Stars Media dba Internet Solutions Corporation dba Impact 210 Worldwide etc. etc. etc..

Update: FTC Injunction Against Alec Difrawi



One thought on “My Job List –

  1. Dannye Mello-Thompson says:

    Hello Everyone,
    My name is Dannye S. Mello-Thompson and I previously worked for Alec Difrawi and Myra P Nicholson as Senior Executive Legal Assistant at Softrock, Inc. dba dba Internet-Company dba Three Stars Media dba Internet Solutions Corporation etc. etc. etc. I was part of the scams being carried out on unsuspecting job seekers and helped with the legal filings against bloggers. My participation was to lied, harassed and inundate bloggers with legal filings.

    The FTC did shut down Alec Difrawi but he is now running the website listed above and other sites. He is in violation of the injunction and has been sending out Illegal Texts Despite Opt-Out Requests by the FTC.

    There is a ClassAction Lawsuit against him again Case Number: 6:17-CV-01427-RBD-TBS vs EXPAND INCORPORATED, GIGATS, SOFTROCK, INC.for texting job seekers.


    from: Dannye Mello-Thompson –
    to: ScamFraudAlert –
    “Larry Pino (Internal)”
    date: Mon, Feb 13, 2012 at 2:50 PM
    subject:Internet Solutions Corp, et al v. Richardson, 9th Cir (Or) #09-CA-712-O: Order on Plaintiffs Motion in Limine
    : Important mainly because it was sent directly to you.

    Mr. Garga-Richardson: The Court entered the attached February 9, 2012 Order on Plaintiffs Motion in Limine, which in paragraph one indicates you are to present yourself in Orlando, Orange County Florida by this Friday February 17, 2012 for a deposition. Please advise if you will be coming to Orlando this week, and if so, when so final deposition arrangements may be made prior to your arrival.

    Also, pursuant to paragraph 2, any witnesses you intend to call must be presented here in Orlando, Orange County, Florida by Tuesday February 21 for depositions. Again, please advise if you intend to present any witnesses for deposition, and if so, when so once again final deposition arrangements may be made prior to their arrival.

    Looking forward to hearing back from you.

    Dannye Mello-Thompson
    Legal Assistant to Myra P. Nicholson, Esq.
    Phone: 407-803-4775
    Fax: 407-803-5861

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