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Start a new 100% legitimate work at home career in Logistics with no investment or startup costs and learn new things. Work independently without excessive supervision.

This job doesn’t require you to travel to office everyday. It allows you to stay at home and spend time with your family during the day.

The job is available for you right now and requires no degree or experience. It provides stability and keeps you focused, but still leaves a place for flexibility and personal freedom.

This job doesn’t imply tiring and tedious labour. It rolls within established smoothly running business processes that make your life easier.
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About Employer

This vacancy is provided by a verified American logistics company which allows its international clients to receive shipments in the US and then forward it to their destination using a convenient cloud-based system. The clients are mainly companies from overseas that have customers in the USA or buy and sell goods in America.

The company believes in the remote employment approach because it allows to decrease warehousing costs and provide shipping points from across the USA. The parcels usually contain everyday items such as, electronics, clothing, auto parts or sporting goods. You will be inspecting the parcels yourself. The company never deals with any clients that cannot be verified as a legitimate business.

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Use your online account at the company’s website to get a list of incoming shipments, your daily work tasks, and the prepaid shipping labels for forwarding the letters and parcels.

Stay at home to accept parcels and letters sent to your residential or private business address via USPS, DHL, UPS, and FedEx during regular business hours from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM daily.

Inspect parcels and take and upload photos of the contents of each package.

Forward the mail to customers by printing and applying invoices and prepaid shipping labels and delivering the mail to the nearest USPS locations.
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US resident with postal address. We accept applicants from all of the US except Alaska and Hawaii.

The only tools you will need to provide are a home computer with a printer and any digital camera.
Have a transportation for delivering the letters and parcels in a timely manner or live nearby USPS and Fedex offices.
Able to work independently with minimum supervision.
Physical ability to lift up to 25lbs.
This job is full-time and cannot be combined with any other employment.
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Expect a response from us within 48-76 hours.
Please check your email including the junk mail folder.


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