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Based on the number of complaints regarding Castle Payday loan site –, scamFRAUDalert see it appropriate to issue this ALERT that consumer exercise care and caution when consumer alertapplying for payday loans online as the terms and conditions of these loans for which you are applying at some of these online sites may not be the same as your local payday loan stores which are regulated by federal and state government.
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Comment: I am the Customer Service Manager for On August 14th 2014, SFA Reporter posted comments and documents concerning a lawsuit purporting to be related to the owners of the company which operates; this lawsuit is not only unrelated to, but is also a slanderous posting containing false  information and it must be removed as soon as possible. In no way or fashion does the defendants in the lawsuit posted have any relation to the business. Please inform me on when this erroneous posting will be removed.

Please also note that I have been posting answers on the scamfraudalert website to assist any consumers who had posted comments in regards to purchases made on the site, however, unbeknownst to me, my postings have since been unjustly removed by your organization without explanation.

Please note has open channels for direct customer communication and offers full money back guarantee on all our products, no questions asked.
We expect you will comply with my request as soon as possible.

Customer Service Manager,

Time: August 29, 2014 at 9:56 am


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