A vacancy for scamFRAUDalert

> From: kirsteniramamurthy@yahoo.comscamalert2
> Date: May 6, 2014 at 8:39:50 AM PDT
> To:
> Subject: A vacancy for scamFRAUDalert
> Reply-To: tesagehozy@gmail.com
> Dear scamFRAUDalert
> a successful organization is looking for a Check Assist Manager to join our team.
> The vacancy that we offer is a part-time position with no fixed schedule. You will spend approximately 1-2 hours every day for performing your duties business hours.
> Essential Functions:
> – Ensure weekly job is completed in time
> – Provide timely reporting
> – Provide outstanding customer service in a timely manner
> – Carrying out instructions furnished in written form
> – Other routine functions may be required
> Average income is $600-$800 per week.
> For immediate consideration, please reply to this message.


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