Apology ~ Encarta Fine Wines Ltd

Dear Mr. Doughty,

scamFRAUDalert do not make claims that Encarta Fine Wines Ltd. is a fraudulent company. scamFRAUDalert issue ALERTS to warn the public and companies that an impersonator has stolen their name or brand ​to carry out scams or fraud.

​We apologized for the inconvenience this may have caused  Encarta Fine Wines Ltd and their customers. We believe the public is best serve by our ALERTS.

Thank you for contacting us​.


scamFRAUDalert ​

~ _____________________________ ~

Name: Dean Doughty
Website: http://www.encartafinewines.co.uk
Comment: To Whom it may concern. We notice that on your website you have our company name as a fraudulent company. this is at number 260 on your site. Encarta Fine Wines Ltd.

We are NOT a fraudulent company, how ever some time ago we were mistaken for one by the FCA here in London who posted a public notice about us. As i mention this was some time ago and after speaking to them at length they removed the post from their website. I assume that you have not removed it from your website.

Please can you remove this from your website with immediate effect.

I wait for your reply on this matter, we have our solicitors standing by if you do not remove our company from you list.

Please email me back asap

many thanks

Dean Doughty
Managing Director
Encarta Fine Wines Ltd

Time: May 1, 2014 at 3:53 am
IP Address:
Contact Form URL: http://scamfraudalert.org/about/contact-us/
Sent by an unverified visitor to your site.


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