OnceDriven aka Longwood Industries, Inc

scamFRAUDalert see it appropriate to issue this  ALERT that consumers exercise oncedriveCARE and CAUTION regarding Longwood Industries dba as http://www.oncedriven.com and affiliated companies.

Consumers have complained that employees of http://www.oncedriven.com surf  the internet for people offering to sell their vehicles via craigslist and other local websites. The employees make assurances that they can sell your car and you are required to pay an upfront fees. A non-refundable ad for $149 or, a refundable ad for $249 of which $29 is non-refundable.

The firm is not accredited by the Better Business Bureau

The BBB continues to receive calls from consumers stating that the firm told them they were members of the BBB. The firm is a member of the Online Business Bureau which is in NO WAY affiliated with the BBB.

Other names associated by this firm are listed below:

  1. Auto Marketing Systems
  2. Customizedlogowear
  3. OnceDriven.com
  4. Sheltered Workshop of Bedford
  5. The Big Lot

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