floridadriverslicenses.org ~ drivers-licenses.org

scamFRAUDalert see it appropriate to issue this ALERT as Cambridge Media Series, LLC d/b/a http://www.Drivers-Licenses.orgconsumer alert appears to be offering it’s services nationwide and claim not to be affiliated with any state or governmental agencies. This is a paid for service site.

The site claim to be a comprehensive resource for drivers. However, the Better Business Bureau have expressed concerns and indicated that the site owner(s) have shown an unwillingness to work with them to resolve consumers complaiints.

The complaint history focus on deception and misrepresentation. Services provided are links to your local DMV offices for a fee which can easily be found online.

Florida License Renewal

Cambridge Media Series, LLC
D/B/A Drivers-Licenses.org

1521 Alton Road, #488,
Miami Beach, FL 33139
(888) 242-8786

scamFRAUDalert remain willing to removing this complaint if and when the site owner(s) can address these complaints.

  1. http://www.drivers-licenses.org
  2. TexasDriversLicenses.org
  3. missouridriverslicense.org
  4. info@drivers-licenses.org
  5. georgiadriverslicenses.org
  6. iowadriverslicenses.org
  7. nevadadriverslicenses.org
  8. info@driverslicenses.org
  9. floridadriverslicenses.org
  10. FloridaDriversLicensing.org
  11. alaskadriverslicenses.org
  12. kansasdriverslicenses.org
  13. hawaiidriverslicenses.org
  14. marylanddriverslicenses.org
  15. ohiodriverslicenses.org
  16. mydrivers-licenses.org
  17. californiadriverslicenses.org
  18. washingtondriverslicense.org
  19. oregondriverslicense.org
  20. utahdriverslicenses.org
  21. utahdriverslicenses.org


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