Name: Sharon
Website: http://www.mygovernmentgrant.com
Comment: I was contacted by phone & offered a $7000 Grant. I didn’t confirm any info but they did have my full name & address.

When I asked for a phone number they gave( 202)728-1254 as well as the website http://www.mygovernmentgrant.com & then hung up on me after I stated I wouldn’t confirm anything until I had researched

The caller appeared to be calling from India but stated he was in Washington DC.

Time: March 28, 2014 at 9:55 am
IP Address:
Contact Form URL: http://scamfraudalert.org/about/contact-us/
Sent by an unverified visitor to your site.

5 thoughts on “www.mygovernmentgrant.com

  1. laquinta henderson says:

    I just received a call from them stating that I was picked to receive a $8000 personal grant ..

    OK everything sounded ok until I was asked to go to the WESTERN UNION right away do not hang up from them just go now fill out the form send the money and would then receive 8,210 back .now I’m totally not buying it.

    I’m pretty sure this is not the way the US government does business as far as giving grants she said she was in NYC my caller I’d id’d the call as coming from India ..these people should be ashamed of themselves.


  2. Todd Baur (@toadkicker) says:

    I was just called by these assholes as well. I did in fact apply for a grant but I know their procedure is not how these things work. You would receive a package of forms to fill out from the government to complete a grant. Their instructions include a tracking number they can only give to a banker. Very strange.

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