California A Major Target For Cyber-Criminals,

California a major target for Cyber-Criminals, says Attorney General Pamela Harris Pamela Harris.

According to Ms. Harris, cyber-criminals with ties to  Eastern Europe – Russia, UKarine, Lativa, China and Africa are the culprit. We would add Canada, India, Great Britain, Iran, Overland Park, Kansas, Germany, Iraq, Saudi Arabia, France, Italy, Los Angeles, San Diego, Silicon Valley, Seattle, Miami, Orlando, Florida, Houston, New York as hubs for cyber criminals.

Transnational criminal organizations are relying increasingly on cybercrime as a source of funds – which means they are frequently targeting, and illicitly using, the digital tools and content developed in our state,” Harris said in a statement attached to the 97-page report.

This come as no surprise to scamFRAUDalert. We believe these criminals are not just transnational but are domestic and local. They are well organized, powerful and operate without fear of law enforcement. They operate at ALL fronts and hired powerful Attorneys and handlers knowingly or unknowingly to protect them.

They have infiltrated our transparent business practices of fair play, playing by the rules and our sense of governance as we know them.

These criminals pose a clear and imminent threat to our economy , our well-being and should not be taken likely.

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2 thoughts on “California A Major Target For Cyber-Criminals,

  1. SFA Reporter says:

    Just as Pamela Harris announced that California is the prime target for cyber-criminals, we are learning of data breach at the Department of Motor Vehicle (DMV). is reporting that Mastercard sent out an ALERT and the DMV is attributing the possible breach to organization’s external card processing firms.

    Welcome to the new gold rush…’s hot……

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