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my loan offered testimony

hello everybody, i am Mrs rita healther, i thought all internet loan was a fraud, until i search for urgent and unsecured loan, i came across Mr. pavlo romenus of payday loan, he process my loan within 12 hours and approved the loan, he forward me the terms and conditions immediately i complied within another 12 hours the loan funds was in my account, i thought it was a mistake i checked my mails and i saw the transfer document and his mail, i was very happy and glad, my friends if you are in need of funds do not be nervous just contact payday loan do not be afraid they are wonderful. their contact details is : Mr. pavlo romenus e-mail: please be careful do not contact other lender i do not guarantee you but as for pay day loan it is %100 guarantee and safe.


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  1. Mrs Clara William says:

    My Name Is Mrs Clara William I want You all To be careful there nobody can help you here or even suggest how you can get financial help any answer of a loan lender to your question,you MUST ignore, because they are SCAMS…real SCAMS… I was a victim of which i was ripped thousands of dollars. well thank God for a Tom Mills Loan firm, I was referred to by my cousin, who is by name, Mr Jeffery Oliver Of pay day loan firm. They made my life a valuable one,and gave it a meaning.

    I was approved loan of $75,000.00 USD AND IN 27 HOURS after
    meeting up to their necessary requirements,my loan was deposited in my bank account.

    Though I was very nervous with the loan firm at the first place due to my previous bad experiences, especially when the issue of me settling the transfer charges came up, I hold on to my faith due to the fact that my relative referred me, got it cleared, and as God should have it.

    Little did I know that my financial shortcomings has come to a final HALT .If not for that quick referral from a relative of that genuine source ,I would have regretted my total life, because at that point in time I just divorced the father of my daughter,and my daughter (Sarah) was faced with a ” between life and death ” situation ..I was faced with her hospital bills and was also faced with foreclosure at my apartment.

    Details of the GOD SENT and RELIEVING source won’t be disclosed to you for now, for fear of impersonation ( because it has being discovered that some persons are not really in need of financial help, but are there to impersonate real loan lenders through their phone numbers and email accounts,and acting to be them where necessary to those in real need)…I couldn’t comment on
    your post because it was a public place and I fear you would fall
    into the hand of all these fraudulent loan officers (even in US) like how they ripped me off.

    You must be able to convince me real hard, and provide good proofs, before I can give you the full details of this legitimate loan officer..Their charge is very affordable and reliable compare to many out there,their interest rates just 2%, little documentation, and little credit check(irrespective of your creditscore, but you MUST have a good and reliable income source) Their company name is

    Feel free to email him at via and you will be free from Scams

    Thank YOu………

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