BBB – False Reporting (866) 398-1178

How reliable are some Accreditation on the BBB?

scamFRAUDalert is CONCERN organized CRIMINAL SCAMMERS managing our most precious databases are deleting and altering reports on websites properties  they are being pay to manage or host. The report published on the Logo4BBB-Business or Charity Name result [Find Business Reviews] regarding PREDATORSWATCH.COM is FALSE.

Our concern is that WE ARE SEEING reports ON THE BETTER BUSINESS BUREAU websites being ALTER, DELETED or just plain FABRICATION (FALSE).

This first came to our attention when we encountered Albert Ahdoot dba Colocation America Corporation.

As we reported, the BBB had graded Colocation America with an “F” and subsequently DELETED the GRADE. The BBB – Las Vegas refusal to make publish our COMPLAINT.

Recently we reported on the site and miraculously all the BBB reports for which we had reference got DELETED.

Now we are seeing that the BBB is reporting a toll number (866) 398-1178 we once owned since 2007 and recently had DISCOUNTED approximately ten months ago did belong to the website THIS IS A FALSE REPORT.

The DELETION and FALSIFICATION of REPORTS on the BBB websites can directly be attributed to a rogue employee within the IT Department or the HOST PROVIDER for which the BBB have entered into a contractual relationship to managed and host BBB websites as the culprits.

Some superuser or an Administrator with access to reports filed is the culprit. This is clearly a THREAT to OUTSOURCING IT services to ROGUE CORPORATION operating on two fronts. Legitimate and Illegitimate.

This is nothing more than ORGANIZED CRIME.

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