The Purpose of this post is to ALERT you that the job you are about to apply for orscamalert may have applied FOR or is CONSIDERING APPLYING FOR is FRAUDULENT. The identities of an individual or a business entity have been stolen along with fund from their bank accounts.

These job postings are an attempt to lure you into accepting and cashing counterfeit checks into your bank accounts. You are being recruited to wire transfer these funds via WESTERN UNION or MONEYGRAM from your bank into a DOMESTIC BANK  or OFFSHORE BANK ACCOUNT.

 Essentially You Become A Money or Repackage Mule

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My name is Miss Turner. Nowadays most people need extra income and here are the requirements to get it:

– Few hours a day five days a week;
– Confident PC and Internet user;
– Free training and on-line support;
– Average base salary $2,300 a month during the training period.

By the way, you’ll keep 8% from every money transfer processed. Base salary is constantly increasing depending on the employee’s results and diligence.

Our Company is ready to offer you great possibility to earn working as a Financial Support Agent with us.

Furthermore, you may ask for extra hours or even a full time job to increase your income.

Turbo Trans Inc covers all expenses, no need to invest your own money!

Contact me back with the filled in form below and I will consider you as an applicant for the open position.

Full name _________________________________________________
Residence place __________________________________________
Contact phone _____________________________________________

Elizabeth Turner
Phone: 1-585-978-3152
Fax: 1-585-410-6033
HR Assistant