Cease and Desist ~ Zoominfo.com

scamFRAUDalert do not take likely the publication of FALSE consumer alertinformation regarding us. Lately, there have been an coordinated effort to foster such distortions in an attempt to discredit the good work we at scamFRAUDalert is doing.

ZoomInfo.com edited information published online regarding scamFRAUDalert and selectively included in it’s database those reports that were negatives. The reports on their website were blatantly false which they claimed was gathered by an automated processes and it was crystal cleared  to us that the information had been edited and tempered with.

Please exercise care as to the legitimacy of the information gathered by zoominfo.com. Based on our experienced, the information on zoominfo.com can be edited and manipulated by a Staff member or whoever is at the control

On Mon, Nov 26, 2012 at 8:44 AM, Sal Mendonca salvador.mendonca@zoominfo.

Hello ,ZoomInfo is a specialized web search engine, similar to Google but focused on finding information about companies and professionals. ZoomInfo’s information comes from corporate websites, press releases, SEC filings, and other public websites along with submissions from the ZoomInfo community. ZoomInfo profiles largely contain publicly available information about business professionals, including title, company name and work experience.We have added your profile to the queue for removal which should be completed in the next couple days.

Keep in mind that references to a removed web profile may continue to appear in external search engines such as Google or Yahoo until those companies index the ZoomInfo site and learn that the profile no longer exists. ZoomInfo can do nothing to speed up this process.

Sal Mendonca
Product Support

Zoom Information, Inc.
307 Waverley Oaks Road | Waltham, MA | 02452 | USA
In case this email does not fully answer your question, or you would like to contact us for any reason, simply reply to this email.





307 Waverley Oaks Rd.
Waltham, MA 02452
Phone: 781.693.7500


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  1. Zoominfo also appears to take contact information from 419 scam emails (e.g. “Snardbart Frobozz from Citibank wants to give you 10 million dollars!”) and posts the information as if it were real.

    So on one hand they are using fake people to inflate their numbers, and on the other hand they are helping scammers by making their fake names seem legitimate.

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