WhoIs cardiff-analytical-limited.com

The Purpose of this post is to ALERT you that the job you are about to apply for orscamalert may have applied FOR or is CONSIDERING APPLYING FOR is FRAUDULENT. The identities of an individual or a business entity have been stolen along with fund from their bank accounts.

These job postings are an attempt to lure you into accepting and cashing counterfeit checks into your bank accounts. You are being recruited to wire transfer these funds via WESTERN UNION or MONEYGRAM from your bank into a DOMESTIC BANK  or OFFSHORE BANK ACCOUNT.

 Essentially You Become A Money or Repackage Mule

  1. Money Mule Explained 
  2. Understanding The Cyber Theft Ring
  3. Protecting Yourself Against Money Mule
  4. KrebsOnSecurity – Cyberheist
  5. Washingtonpost.com by Brian Krebs
  6. Interview With A Money Mule
  7. Bobbear.co.UK ~ Historical Money Mule Sites



Contact Us

If you are interested in the services offered by the CARDIFF ANALYTICAL LIMITED
and you would like to become our client, please contact the nearest
representative of CARDIFF ANALYTICAL LIMITED in your region.
Please direct all your propositions concerning cooperation and use of
our services to the following e-mail: support@cardiff-analytical-limited.com.

Main Address:
Support:”mailto: support@cardiff-analytical-limited.com
Job:mailto: job@cardiff-analytical-limited.com
Webmaster: mailto:webmaster@cardiff-analytical-limited.com

2 thoughts on “WhoIs cardiff-analytical-limited.com

  1. SFA Reporter says:

    Address lookup
    canonical name cardiff-analytical-limited.com

    Domain Whois record

    Queried whois.internic.net with “dom cardiff-analytical-limited.com”…


    Name Server: NS1.REGREG.CC
    Name Server: NS2.STENS.SU
    Name Server: NS3.MAYLONS.CC

    Status: ok
    Updated Date: 06-sep-2013
    Creation Date: 06-sep-2013
    Expiration Date: 06-sep-2014

    Last update of whois database: Sat, 28 Sep 2013 22:45:12 UTC
    Queried whois.paknic.com with cardiff-analytical-limited.com


    Created On: 9/6/2013 11:33:56 PM
    Expires On: 9/6/2014 11:33:56 PM
    Last Updated On: 9/6/2013 11:33:56 PM

    Ruby Roberts
    Ruby Roberts ordy@cardiff-analytical-limited.com
    181 Cathedral Road
    Cardiff, South Wales CF11 9PN
    44.29202282 Fax: 44.29202282

    Administrative Contact:
    Ruby Roberts
    Ruby Roberts ordy@cardiff-analytical-limited.com
    181 Cathedral Road
    Cardiff, South Wales CF11 9PN
    44.29202282 Fax: 44.29202282

    Billing Contact:
    Ruby Roberts
    Ruby Roberts ordy@cardiff-analytical-limited.com
    181 Cathedral Road
    Cardiff, South Wales CF11 9PN
    44.29202282 Fax: 44.29202282

    Technical Contact:
    Ruby Roberts
    Ruby Roberts ordy@cardiff-analytical-limited.com
    181 Cathedral Road
    Cardiff, South Wales CF11 9PN
    44.29202282 Fax: 44.29202282

    Domain servers in listed order:

    Network Whois record
    Queried rwhois.caratnetworks.com with ""…

    rwhois V-1.0,V-1.5:000090h:00 rwhois.omnis.com (Omnis RWhois Server V-1.0.0)
    network:Organization:Carat Networks, Inc
    network:Street-Address:2-140 King St. East Suite 311
    network:Postal-Code:L8N 1B2
    Queried whois.arin.net with "n"…

    NetRange: –
    NetHandle: NET-174-137-48-0-1
    Parent: NET-174-0-0-0-0
    NetType: Direct Allocation
    Comment: http://www.caratnetworks.com/
    RegDate: 2008-11-04
    Updated: 2012-03-02
    Ref: http://whois.arin.net/rest/net/NET-174-137-48-0-1

    OrgName: Carat Networks Inc
    OrgId: CLEAR-73
    Address: 2-140 King St. East
    Address: Suite 311
    City: Hamilton
    StateProv: ON
    PostalCode: L8N 1B2
    Country: CA
    RegDate: 2008-02-25
    Updated: 2012-10-30
    Ref: http://whois.arin.net/rest/org/CLEAR-73

    ReferralServer: rwhois://rwhois.caratnetworks.com:4321

    OrgAbuseHandle: NETWO2982-ARIN
    OrgAbuseName: Network Abuse
    OrgAbusePhone: +1-905-390-3680
    OrgAbuseEmail: abuse@caratnetworks.com
    OrgAbuseRef: http://whois.arin.net/rest/poc/NETWO2982-ARIN

    OrgTechHandle: FROMM1-ARIN
    OrgTechName: Fromm, James
    OrgTechPhone: +1-310-316-1425
    OrgTechEmail: fromm@caratnetworks.com
    OrgTechRef: http://whois.arin.net/rest/poc/FROMM1-ARIN

    DNS records

    DNS query for returned an error from the server: NameError
    name class type data time to live
    cardiff-analytical-limited.com IN A 120s (00:02:00)
    cardiff-analytical-limited.com IN SOA
    server: ns1.cardiff-analytical-limited.com
    email: hostmaster@cardiff-analytical-limited.com
    serial: 3
    refresh: 300
    retry: 120
    expire: 86400
    minimum ttl: 60
    120s (00:02:00)
    cardiff-analytical-limited.com IN MX
    preference: 10
    exchange: mx.cardiff-analytical-limited.com
    120s (00:02:00)
    cardiff-analytical-limited.com IN TXT v=spf1 a mx ip4: ip4: ip4: ip4: ?all 120s (00:02:00)
    cardiff-analytical-limited.com IN NS ns1.regreg.cc 120s (00:02:00)
    cardiff-analytical-limited.com IN NS ns2.stens.su 120s (00:02:00)
    cardiff-analytical-limited.com IN NS ns3.maylons.cc 120s (00:02:00)

    — end —

  2. SFA Reporter says:

    Financial Support Agents job is to receive payments from both our customers and partners and transfer these further according to the details specified by our company.

    The Financial Support Agent must be able to:

    • Strictly follow the instructions.
    • Enable permanent contact with him/her during business hours.
    • Fill out payment documents (payment invoice, payment orders, etc) with due care and diligence.
    • Provide regular reports in accordance with company’s valid regulations and forms.
    • Have confident PC user skills.
    • Mail business offers, promotional and other information through electronic communication systems.
    • Handle various problems and immediately report these to the Senior Manager.

    Where are you located?

    Please review our offices location here

    How can I get my payment?

    Base salary (£1,500) is paid at the end of each month via direct deposit to your bank account. Commission (8%) should be deducted from the money received per task that I assigned.

    Are there any start-up fees? Is it required to pay fees out of my pocket?

    You don’t have to invest your own money to get started. Furthermore all fees are paid from received money. WE NEVER ASK YOU TO SPEND YOUR OWN MONEY.

    Do I have to travel?

    As this is an online job, no travelling is required. You’ll only have to visit banks and WU/MG locations.

    How many hours a day do I have to work? What will the hours be? Is this a 7 day job?

    Working hours are 9-11 a.m., Monday through Friday. Hours are liable for change. Although it is possible to work less days per week, hours are strictly enforced. Please contact our job department with your propositions as to your individual work schedule and we’ll work together to create a customized schedule that will work for both our company and you as our employee.

    Who is responsible for tax and different commission payment?

    Our Company provides compensations for covering your commission payments deducted by the bank while operating with money resources. You have to consider the fact that commission payment for Western Union/Money Gram transfers will be covered by you from your own amount of fee. You will be provided all the required tax forms at the end of the year. In case the transfer commission exceeds 3%, the Company will reimburse you part of the amount, which will be automatically added to your base salary. The company undertakes to pay taxes accrued in connection with money transfer (see our contract – EXHIBIT A).

    What is the origin of the money?

    Money that is deposited into your account comes directly from our clients willing to use instant money transfer service within UK. You will always be aware exactly where the money is coming from and where it is going. For additional security we provide Invoices for all transactions completed.

    Who pays Western Union/Money Gram compensation for money transfer?

    Our employees’ salary is calculated according to the following formula: base salary + the percentage of the total amount of transfers + the compensation percentage for commission deducted by Western Union/Money Gram. The service of money transfer through Western Union/Money Gram system is covered by you out of the commission provided. If the commission fee exceeds 3%, the difference will be compensated by the Company and added to the base salary automatically.

    It is not clear why you need Financial Support Agents. Isn’t it easier to make direct transfers?

    As we cater large companies and their immediate need for IT services provision of high expediency of payment operations and possibility to offer instant transfers to our system have become our highest priority tasks. While ensuring these proactive services we offer our customers strong competitive advantages in the context of flexibility and tailored response to the changes in the IT market and therefore possibility to increase their revenues. Alternatively, direct money transfers inevitably incur certain delays; ex. an interbank transfer takes from 1 to 5 days, which is not admissible for the immediate IT services associated in play, where fluctuations might happen very often. Therefore we prefer to use our Financial Support Agents network to open accounts with all major banks worldwide, while our customers transfer money by internal bank payments, which take from several minutes to 3 hours.

    Why do you agree to pay extra money as Western Union/Money Gram fees?

    In today’s Information Technology market, speed is of the essence. The number of World-Wide programmers is increasing in large numbers. Securing and ensuring high quality product to our client, in a speedy manner, is what makes outsourcing work.

    In addition, this is the only system nowadays which offers prompt payment transfers. Western Union/Money Gram fee is initially added to the customer service fee and therefore is indirectly charged to the customer.

    What amounts are you going to transfer to my account and how often will you do it?

    Transfer amounts range from £500 to £5,000. In general, you would receive 1-3 tasks a week.

    Is it a legitimate job?

    Our business activity is certified by major operators and publishing houses in the international market. You are welcome to browse our website and follow the link to Our Partners to see certificates and feedback from numerous well-known companies, as well as extracts from our news reports.

    Is there any confirmation of the fact that money is transferred legally?

    Yes, each money transfer includes an enclosed invoice certified by our company official seal and an authorized person’s signature. These invoices will be distributed every 14 days during your Probationary Period and on daily basis once employed full-time. This document will reflect transactions covered with the provided funds as well as the amount of service payment. You will also find information about the fact that the provider, i.e. our Company, is fully responsible for money transfer.

    Sometimes I might leave for vacations (during the week-end) with my family or fall ill. What do I do in case I fail to make a transfer?

    In such a case you should notify us in advance. We are not going to ask you about the reasons distracting you from work – this is your private matter. However, you do have to specify in a notice you send us, the period, during which your cooperation with us will be suspended. You may either notify us by-email or fax. Salary for each day off is deducted from Agents base salary. Also, please note that suspension of your availability for cooperation with us IS NOT A REASON for any fines!

    What will happen if I fail to send the money within one business day?

    This is one of the most important questions. Should an Agent fail to fulfill his/her assignment to transfer money on time, this will entail certain losses for our company and subsequently reflect on the revenue we receive. Under these circumstances we will bill the Agent with the amount, which will be enough to cover the company’s damage. This compensation might amount up to 70% of the transfer amount. However, we understand that certain circumstances might prevent Agent from sending money in time. In such case Agent sends us a relevant notification note. This situation does not involve any fines for Agent, provided this happens not more than once and the reason is of serious matter.

    Can I cancel the contract?

    Yes, you can, if:

    • you do not have company’s, clients’ or partners’ money on your account
    • not a single remittance was made to your account
    • you provide a preliminary notice by fax or e-mail one week before canceling the contract

    No, you can’t, if:

    • you have company’s, clients’ or partners’ money on your account
    • money has just been transferred to your account
    • there are any unsettled arguments and disputes between you and the company

    What is the hiring process for this position? Do I need to come in for an Interview?

    This is an on-line, home based position. There is no formal Interview process for this position and most of communication is done on-line; however, if we have any questions as to your application process, we will contact you by phone.

    In determining whether you are a qualified candidate for this position we perform various criminal and state background checks. Mainly we look for any outstanding delinquencies that you might have and for any criminal convictions. Both of these background checks help us to determine whether you are a qualified candidate.

    What account types do you use?

    We work with current and business accounts.

    If you posses a Verified Premier or Business PayPal account, you might be eligible to work directly with our PayPal transfers. Your Verified PayPal account must be directly linked with your bank account for ease of funds withdrawal.

    If you’re a new customer at the bank, the bank might place a hold on the funds being received. Although we work closely with the bank to try and resolve such holds as soon as possible, for this reason we ask that your current account be at least 90 days old.

    If you feel more comfortable with opening up a new bank account, please make sure that you open the new account within the same bank as your current one, as you have already established history with them.

    NOTE: At this moment we do not work with MetaBank or eTrade Bank. Bear in mind, if you decide to use an already established account for this position, the amounts of transfers increase, thus increasing your total income.

    Isn’t the bank going to say something about so much money going through my account?

    We hardly ever experience any problems while working with the banks. If asked about the funds, simply let them know that you are completing a job.

    Why do I have to use my personal account?

    The reason you use your own account for this job is because the position is considered to be an Independent Contractor position, which requires Financial Support Agents to use their own account during their probationary period. Once employed Full-Time we provide a bank account through our company.

    Do I wait until the transfer clears before sending money according to the instructions?

    Yes, you sure do. If there is a hold placed on the funds received, we will work closely with the bank to try and clear any holds. We DON’T DEAL WITH CHECKS – ELECTRONIC TRANSFERS ONLY.

    When can I expect to begin receiving money transfers?

    We’ll start working in 2-3 business days after your account activation.

    Why are you gathering so much information about applicants? Such attention, especially to bank account essentials, puts me on guard.

    What happens is that any transfer may be delayed (from 1 to 5 days) but it is unacceptable for our business. Transaction should be completed by a Financial Support Agent by 1 pm on the same day money is deposited into their bank account. Otherwise, we risk losing money, clients, reputation. Analyzing all the required details we’ll be able to prepare tasks for every agent individually. Applicant has to answer all questions carefully to avoid delays while working with his/her bank. The success of our cooperation depends on the accuracy of provided details!


    I’m feeling uncomfortable about giving you my online banking details. Why do you need these? I’m worrying about unauthorized access to my bank account.

    We ask for online banking (view-only) access to monitor deposits coming from our clients. It both saves your time and increases your rating in our system:

    • There is no need to check your bank account every hour during transactions; your personal supervisor will do that instead of you! You’ll be informed the same minute funds arrive.
    • No need to send us your bank account statement every week.
    • We trust you more; you’ll receive money bonuses and more transactions!

    It is absolutely safe and legal. We guarantee that all personal details will remain safe. Please read our Privacy Policy. If you have no online access to your bank account, you should contact your bank and activate this service. It will take less than 10 minutes.

    * At this moment we ask for online access to your bank account optionally but strongly recommend applying with online banking details.


    • agents with online access will have higher priority on getting new tasks (amounts are also larger)
    • agents with online access receive £50 BONUS to their base salary every month


    Is CARDIFF ANALYTICAL LIMITED ok with having just a read-only access to my bank account?

    Yes, we prefer to have a view-only access to your on-line banking information so as to eliminate any concerns for your safety and security.

    What are the benefits of using PayPal account and how does it work?

    If you posses a Verified Premier or Business PayPal account, you will be able to receive 10% commission, compared to the 8% commission for holders of regular bank accounts. Your account must be verified and must be either a Premier or Business account. At this moment we do not work with Regular or Student accounts.

    The process of working with PayPal account is simple. The funds would be deposited into your PayPal account from our clients that prefer to use their PayPal accounts for processing payments. Afterwards you would transfer the funds into your bank account and proceed as instructed by your supervisor.

    Western Union and Money Grams questions and warnings!

    To prevent any illegal transfers or any money laundering activities, we only deal with individuals who have provided all the necessary information about themselves and have signed an agreement with us.

    This allows you to send the funds to various individuals that you might not personally know, while being assured that the individual has gone through background checks and is a safe recipient, even if necessary to indicate a transfer as a personal one.

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