So WhoIs Mike’s Place ~

Is it possible that is really Michael Becker or Michael King, Michael W. King, Michael Wayne King of Miami, Florida?Mike's Place

Mike via
Jun 19, 2013

to scamFRAUDalert


You are listed as the administrative contact for

Yesterday I was searching for information on and found a reference on your website. I misunderstood the purpose of the website and the message thread and replied with my own legitimate concern about

This morning, I found that my reply expanded to include the complete WHOIS listing, name, address, phone numbers, etc., for my domain and a reply from “SFA Reporter” which included my other domains. What was the purpose of posting that information?

I am emailing you requesting that my original comment, and the subsequent, unnecessary, response which included my other domains, be removed from your website.

I trust this is a simple task that will be handled in a timely manner.

Thank You,
Mike Becker


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