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Hi there,

I recently came across a negative review of your business on Ripoffreport.com as seen here:


This will obviously have a poor impact on your business as this page is listed on the first page of Google and any potential clients who read the review may be put off using your services.

We can solve this issue for you. We’re specialists when it comes to reputation management – we build and promote new websites which have a neutral to positive review of your business, these then show up on the first page of Google and will push any negative reviews off the first page so that your prospective clients will not see it.

We have complete control of the websites we build to promote your business, so we can add any content to them. Generally, these are great for lead captures as we can include positive information about your business and a contact form for any clients to get in contact with you.

If you are interested in removing bad reviews about your business and would like to increase your leads, please let me know so that I may explain our services further.

Kind Regards