scamFRAUDalert see it appropriate to issue this ALERT as Home Remedy Center a/k/a consumer alertPrudent Law Group a/k/a Remedy Center a/k/a Remedy Law Center a/k/a Remedy Law Group offer loan modification services and request advance fees.

California Law Cal. Civ. Code § 2944.7(a) (2009), Cal. Bus. & Prof. Code § 10085.6(a) (2009 expressly prohibits the collection of fees before service is completed.

Federal Laws under the FTC Mortgage Assistance Relief Services (MARS) Rule prohibits these operators from making FALSE CLAIMS.

Prohibited claims

The MARS Rule prohibits mortgage relief companies from making any false or misleading claims about their services, including claims about:

  • Advance Fees – Payments for services not performed or to be perform.
  • the likelihood of consumers getting the results they seek;
  • the company’s affiliation with government or private entities;
  • the consumer’s payment and other mortgage obligations;
  • the company’s refund and cancellation policies;
  • whether the company has performed the services it promised;
  • whether the company will provide legal representation to consumers;
  • the availability or cost of any alternative to for-profit mortgage assistance relief services;
  • the amount of money a consumer will save by using their services; or
  • the cost of the services.

In addition, the rule bars mortgage relief companies from telling consumers to stop communicating with their lenders or servicers. Companies also must have reliable evidence to back up any claims they make about the benefits, performance, or effectiveness of the services they provide.

Call the Mortgage Loan Activities Unit at (916) 263-8941

California Main Office
4341 Birch St.
Newport Beach, CA 92660

Florida Main Office
618 E. South Street
Suite 500
Orlando, FL 32801
(800) 994-4007

Home Remedy Solutions
4500 Campus Drive Suite 430
Newport Beach, California

home remedy center2


On October 11, 2009, California modified the California Civil Code, Business & Professions Code, and Financial Code to prohibit the upfront payment of fees by homeowners to anyone assisting with loan modifications. The most important provisions of the law are included below.
General Provisions

No person or company – including attorneys and real estate agents – can demand advance payment for providing loan modification services in California. Cal. Civ. Code § 2944.7(a) (2009), Cal. Bus. & Prof. Code § 10085.6(a) (2009).

Attorneys cannot request or collect a retainer until after the loan modification services promised have been fully performed (even if they are holding the money in a client trust account). Cal. Civ. Code § 2944.7(a)(1).

This ban on upfront payment applies to loan modification agreements entered into on or after October 11, 2009 and stays in effect until January 1, 2013. Cal. Civ. Code § 2944.7(e); Cal. Bus. & Prof. Code §§ 6106.3(b), 10085.6(d).

Any homeowner who paid a fee after October 11, 2009 on an agreement entered prior to that date must be given a refund.


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  2. R.M.A. Legal
  3. R.M.A. Legal Network
  4. Consumer Attorney Services
  5. Acocella Law Group
  6. Select Portfolio Servicing
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  9. Legal Educators USA
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  45. Mortgage Consulting Network
  46. Residential Resource Center
  47. Interstate Doc Prep/lmrsa.com
  48. Professional Marketing Group
  49. Option1Network Loan
  51. NationWide Law Center


My Modification Loan
©2012 My Modification
My Modification Loan
1025 Old Country Road,
Westbury, New York 11590
(714) 878-5683

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17 thoughts on “HOME REMEDY CENTER

  1. Rene Perdomo says:

    Mi nombre es Rene perdomo Sotolongo reciso en Georgia en la ciudad de Leke City codigo postal 30260 Mi direccion es 1261 Tsali trial Lake City 33260 GA Home Remedy Center,me propuso una modificacion de mi casa basada en los programas del gobierno o plan Obama HAMP la cual desde el punto de vista era Buena para mi ya que se proponian bajar los intereses y el principal adecuandalo a el valor de Mercado de la casa en ese momento cosa de que me parecia clara y Buena en la s actual circuntancias de la economia del pais yo acepte y le envie dos cheques por valor de $1992.50 despues de haber recivido los contratos que ellos me mandarin para que yo firmara en el mes de agosto se corto toda comunicacion con esa compañia ynunca mas me hablaro para decirme como marchaba el proceso de modificacion de mi casa bloqueando los telefonos en los cual ellos se cominicaron comigo mientras recibian los cheques

    • SFA Reporter says:

      My name is René perdomo Sotolongo Reciso in Georgia in the city of Leke City zipcode 30260
      My address is 1261 trial Tsali Lake City 33260 GA Home Remedy Center, I was proposed a modification
      of my house from government programs or plan Obama HAMP the which from the point of view was
      good for me as it is proposed to lower the interest and principal adecuandalo to the market
      value of the home at the time I looked like a thing of light and good in today s circumstance
      of the country’s economy I accept and will send two checks totaling $ 1,992.50 after having
      RECEIVED contracts they mandarin me that I signed in August was cut all communication with that
      ynunca company more hablaro to tell me as leaving the modification process my house blocking
      the phone in which they cominicaron comigo while receiving checks

  2. Mike Kernozek says:

    Scammed here also out of $3,995.00 between May 2013 and July 2013. I provided them the information that was requested, sent them the 3 checks – just like everyone else who has posted comments on this site. As it stands currently: Out of the $3,995 bucks, ding on my credit report for missing a payment, found out that the $3,995.00 is not tax deductable (which they noted it was). I did file a complaint with BBB in August 2013 – did not receive any communications from them.

  3. Squirley says:

    I posted my complaint on http://www.Ripoffreport.com and is posting it here.

    In June 2013, my wife and I signed an agreement with Home Remedy to represent us for a home loan modification. We aid $3995.00 over several payments by check to do this.

    They made a promise that they could get the lender to agree to a loan mod. We had previously gotten a HAMP modification and were told by Remedy Center folk that the HAMP made no difference and they could get us another loan mod. It turns out the HAMP prevented any further loan modification because our payments were current.

    On September 3, 2013 we received a letter saying they had completed the third and final phase. They never followed through on their contractual agreement signed on June 23, 2013.

    Remedy Center
    Remedy Center & Associates
    The Home Remedy
    Remedy Center Law Associates

  4. Audrey Howe says:

    Hello everyone,

    I too paid Remedy Center $4,000. which was suppose to sit in account (escrow) until they resolved my loan which is in pre-forclosure. I have tried calling since before Christmas and can not get through. I called and checked on the attorney I was working with a Ryan Cummings. The BBB said they had no complaints on him. My senior loan officer was Dennis Serna and I have a voice message saying he is working on it and will contact me in two weeks. That was 4 months ago. I’ve made payments cause I have no money, no spouse, and no living parents.

    It is my equity line of credit that I am way behind because of a bankruptcy. I did a loan modification, but they could not help me with the equity line. I have all the copies of the money I sent them and really thought I was going to save my house.

    Please can anyone tell me what to do. How can I get my money back, take them to court, or what!!! Devastated in Florida.


    Fraud Protection in Florida

    On October 1, 2008, the Florida Legislature enacted the Florida Foreclosure Fraud Protection Act. This law prohibits loan modification companies from receiving upfront payments for loan modification services that may never be rendered. This law also mandates that homeowners must receive specific written disclosures informing them of their rights and a “cooling off” period.

      The new law, Fla. Stat. Sec. 501.1377,

    was intended to protect the consumer, but it may ultimately hurt the very people it meant to protect. Some bad apples created a negative perception of the loan modification industry, which is unfair. Reputable loan modification companies have been providing a very valuable and much needed service to the consumer − loans are being modified at very favorable terms, which include interest rate and sometimes principal rate reductions.

    By conducting audits of the loan in question and detecting errors or insufficient disclosures, loan modification companies are very effective in exerting pressure on financial institutions to modify loans or face the consequences of those violations. Banks can sometimes be difficult to reach, which requires persistent staff from these loan modification companies to maintain communication with them. All of these efforts result in significant overhead, which loan modification companies must front. By creating a law, which makes it illegal for a loan modification company to receive an upfront payment until the benefit is obtained; loan modification companies have to stay afloat until the bank decides to resolve a claim.

    Under this present scheme, banks are fully aware of the financial strain placed on the loan modification companies and, thus, have no incentive to resolve a modification expeditiously. Secondly, once the loan modification company obtains the benefit, there is less of an incentive for the consumer to pay the fee to the loan modification company.

    – See more at: http://knowledgebase.findlaw.com/kb/2009/Jul/1682.html#sthash.qE4Lcdo3.dpuf

  5. P. James says:

    I too have been scammed out of $4,500.00 from Remedy Center. Seeking advice and an attorney to help me in this matter. Anyone have any info of an attorney or a class action suit pleases post. I’m in fear of losing my home and not sure of which way to turn now.

    mazi b, remedy law center, loan modification

  6. debra speelman says:

    Well I too have probably been scammed out of close to $4,000.00. I need your assistance please. These fees that I was asked to pay up front for loan modification. I had no difficulty contacting these people until after the fees were paid. Now I’ve contacted the Remedy Group Law Firm several times with minimal success.

    I did received an email reply from a Mike Anthony who represents himself as assistant to the director. He says that I am not entitled to a refund as the “3rd” part of the process is in motion but nothing has been done. I started this process in March and was told that this was a 90 day process. Then in September I was told that they were so overwhelmed with business that they are behind but will expedite the process.

    I received one more reply in October pretty much saying the same thing and nothing since.,. I’ve sent several emails without a reply now I’m trying to call all the phone numbers I have with no success of reaching anyone. The lines are either busy or I get sent to a voice mail which never replies.

    I have filed a complaint with the BBB and they could not get a reply from them either. I am single and have just finished a year long battle with cancer.

    can people be so heartless. I should have known better. Please help!!!.

    • SFA Reporter says:

      It’s unfortunate that you’ve encountered such. There are countless like you. To better assist you…. the authorities, send us communications i.e. emails including monies paid [copies and all financial transaction i.e. ACH transferred] so that the information can be made public. This is the best way to seek help. Someone may contact you.

      Debra, further researched led me with this information. Please call the number below

      Advance Fees and Loan Modification Services

      Important Notice: Advance Fees for Loan Modifications Now Prohibited (Effective immediately)
      On October 11, 2009, Governor Schwarznegger signed Senate Bill 94 (Calderon), and the legislation took effect immediately upon his signature. Read important notice.

      Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger signed Senate Bill 94 (Calderon) which prohibits any person, including real estate licensees and lawyers, from demanding, charging, or collecting an advance fee from a consumer for loan modification or mortgage loan forbearance services. IF YOU ARE APPROACHED BY ANY PERSON REQUIRING UP FRONT FEES FOR THESE SERVICES DO NOT PAY THEM.

      There are also non-profit agencies that can assist you without charging you a fee. For information on non-profit housing counseling services, use the following links:

      Federal Housing Administration
      Homeownership Preservation Foundation

      For more information on this subject please read the following:

      Consumer Alert on Advance Fees for Loan Modifications Denotes a PDF document

      You may also call the Mortgage Loan Activities Unit at (916) 263-8941.

      Federal Trade Commission, Los Angeles
      10877 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 700
      Los Angeles, CA 90024

      Barbara Chun
      (310) 824-4312 (voice)
      (310) 824-4330 (fax)


      Federal Trade Commission
      600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW, NJ3158
      Washington, DC 20580
      Facsimile: 202-326-3768

      Telephone: 202-326-3719 (Ashe)
      Email: gashe@ftc.gov

      Telephone: 202-326-2304 (Kane)
      Email: tkane@ftc.gov

      Telephone: 202-326-2788 (Estep)
      Email: cestep@ftc.gov

  7. C. Bennett says:

    Good Afternoon Everyone:

    I hope you can help me. Home Remedy Center contacted me in regards to a loan modification and for this they charged $4,000 up front.

    All seamed above board until the last two months were there has been no correspondence from them and the number they gave me is no longer in use. The mortgage company has been no help. I am now in fear of loosing my home as they have sent a letter of pending foreclosure. What can I do?

    Thank you.

  8. Eric Fullwood says:

    Hi, I’m Eric Fullwood And I would like to know what’s going on. The Home Remedy Group have been ripping everyone off. There got to be something someone could do. I’m in Florida, and if someone have a answer or a number please let me know. Thank you.

  9. Maria Downer says:


    I need your assistance I fear that I’ve also been scammed out of $5000 fees that i was asked to pay up front for loan modification. I’ve contacted the Remedy Group Law Firm several times with no success. I’ve sent several emails without a reply now I’m trying to call all the phone numbers I have with no success of reaching anyone. The lines are constantly busy. I am a widow, a single mother and not working. I am about to lose my home and don’t know what to do. Please can you assist me or point me in a direction to go. I’m in Florida and can’t get to California to see this company.



  11. Andrew D. Weiss says:

    Mr. McDonal:

    You should conduct some research on Robert Milton Prestwood, III before relying on any information he posts on the Internet. Mr. Prestwood is unhappy that I represent a client that was awarded $94,915.35 in a non-dischargable malicious prosecution judgment against Mr. Prestwood by the United States Bankruptcy Court for the Central District of California in Moore v. Prestwood case number 8:11-01154-TA. Judgment liens have been filed in two of Pretwood’s lawsuits, Prestwood v. Wells Fargo Bank, Orange County Superior Court case number 30-2011-00522572 and Prestwood v. McAfoose Orange County Superior Court case number 30-2011-00513640 preventing him from recovering any funds in those actions. Prestwood is reportedly penniless and his wife is divorcing him in Murphy v. Prestwood Orange County Superior Court case number 12D007911. I have no connection with Home Remedy Center. Feel free to conduct you own investigation.

    Andrew D. Weiss

    • Duane McDonal says:

      Hello Robert and thanks for your comments here. I fear that I have been scammed out of four thousand dollars. Are you aware of anyone attempting legal action against these individuals? If so could you put us in touch with them. We are in Florida.

  12. Robert Prestwood says:

    HOME REMEDY CENTER, Attorney Andrew Duff Weiss is the man behind the fraud in both Federal and State courts. Evidence also shows coaching and extorting false testimony from witnesses. He had Joe Persaud setttle a case and sign as the CEO for a Corporation Joe was not working for or an employee of. He used extortion to secure his signature on a settlement which Attorney Weiss then used to defraud Orange County Superior Court and then Federal court. He is teamed with convicted felons to commit all these crimes court records show.


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