Destiny Research Center ~ Maria Duval

Psychic Marie Duval has been around for the longest. Her psychic powers have been scamalertvastly reported on and Better Business Bureau

There are reports that Maria Duval routinely takes out full page ads in many American tabloids magazines touting her services i.e. Talisman.

From what we’ve read online, it appears like the elderly are prime targets.

English: Psychic Maria Duval at her Moscow pre...

English: Psychic Maria Duval at her Moscow press conference on October 2008. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Maria Duval is a pseudonym of Carolina Maria Gambia (Milan, 1938) and a marketing campaign for those who are interested in Astrology.

  • Marie Duval
  • Destiny Research Group
  • Destiny Research Center

1285 Baring Blvd
PO BOX 409,
Sparks, NV 89434-8673
(800) 597-9264


5 replies

  1. This Maria Duval person has been harassing me non stop via junk “psychic” and “astrology” related letters for the past four years now. It is rather creepy and unsettling. I feel that this “Destiny Research” is a bugus outfit that takes wrongful advantage of the vulnerabilities and trusting nature of others. For a long time I have contemplated complaining about this, yet never acted upon it until now. I have literally been bombarded with this junk “psychic” nonsense personalized mailings for four years at least. As a matter of fact, the amount of junk mail this center has personally sent me over the past years is more than enough to fill a large plastic container.

    I find it offensive, rude. obnoxious, and creepy. I feel that people who have the audacity to manipulate people in such ways are truly diabolical types who have no true spirituality or faith in God. It makes me uncomfortable and humiliated knowing that this “company” has caused me so many restless nights and added anxiety and pressure to my already depressed state of mind. SHAME on these people for emotionally abusing and harassing people. You have no right to do so. I can imagine that you try to find loner/creative types to prey on, as well as the vulnerable, sick, gullible, and elderly to try to manipulate and take their money. LEAVE me alone once and for all. In all honesty. I do not believe you are a psychic. Quite frankly, you scare me.

  2. Carolina Maria Gambia AKA Maria Duval is a fraud. She cashes the checks and does not deliver
    the products she advertises.

  3. Actually, in all fairness and just to keep this subject balanced, I have in fact received all that Maria promised in her letters. If this is indeed a fraud than it is the most thought out and thorough fraud I have ever encountered. Although I haven’t struck it rich, I do believe that this organization is legitimate and though occult practices are involved, it is not for the faint hearted nor the pessimistic…

  4. this maria duvall made a very astonished detail of my life,i will give her credit for that,but
    it does’nt give her the right to keep sending trashey or junk mail,day after day,yes she is a scarry woman,don’t send her anything

  5. This Maria Duvall is indeed very scary. I receive two to three letters a week from her, and all she wants from me is money….. with the promise that the money will be returned if I am not happy……guess what…..she is never returning the money, even after many times with me asking for a refund. Actually, the products I have received, I have taken to a jeweler, with them telling me the (ring, neckless) is something a child would receive at a birthday party. It is sad to find someone that would want to scam the elderly.

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