American Travel Union

scamFRAUDalert see it appropriate to issue this ALERT as the public are being scamalertcontacted via mail and email by Travel Union Travel Awards Redemption Center of Scottsdale, AZ 85251.

The mail include a travel voucher value anywhere between $1,250 – $2,500 and states that they have won a travel voucher for two round trip airline tickets anywhere in the continental US. It further states the these vouchers must be redeemed for 2 round trip airline tickets by a certain date by calling a specify number listed as 1-866-994-4045.

Dominic’s New Picks – BuxShare and moneyferry

Hey everyone!

I have two new picks that I am sharing to you all. One being a revenue sharing paid to click/advertise program (up to 6.7% daily), scamalertBuxShare: http:/ /www.bux and the other a daily interest paying hyip, moneyferry: http:/ /money

Let’s talk about moneyferry first, my traditional pick. Well designed program just launched that is paying daily 12% interest for 12 days. That comes out to a total of 144% returned to you. I am in with 2500 on moneyferry as my first deposit. You earn interest daily and can withdraw it daily as well. I am going to be for the near future at least investing in programs that don’t pay back principal plus interest in one payment, a little to unstable for that right now I think. The 12% daily is a classic HYIP plan that has been around for years and occasionally comes back. Feel free to take a look at: http:/ / money

My second program is a revenue sharing, paid to advertise program. If you are familiar with the likes of hourly rev share you know what this is all about. Buxshare is in pre-launch right now which means you get to build your referral networks before it opens for business. There are three revenue share plans (you decide how much interest you are interested in receiving daily). All revenue share interest plans come with free advertising credits too which is great for putting up your referral links to programs and building your own referral network!

I am pretty excited about buxshare since its been founded by former employees of one of the largest get paid to click networks called Clixsense. That’s some real experience behind it! Take a look at buxshare for yourself here: http:/ /www. bux
All the best,
http:/ /dominics hyip
junk mail from 954 lexington ave. suite 345 new york ny