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Based on the number of complaints online, scamFRAUDalert see it fitting to issue this ALERT that consumers exercise care and caution when scamalertenrolling in any “Certification” program offer by this firm.

The WhoIs registar shows the site is registered to
Registrant Info: (FAST-18472737)
Tommy Winns/ Tommy Oniel
Recovery way
West Palm Beach, Florida 33222
United States
Phone: +1.0000000000
Email: deetz12345@gmail.com


Litvin Law Firm PC Sued For Fraud

According to the Washington Business Journal, a class action lawsuit have been initiated by a Silver Spring, Maryland couple against Litvin Law Firm Firm PC forEnglish: MD 384 at Second Avenue / Wayne Avenu... FRAUD.

This story is of interest to scamFRAUDalert because a letter was send to us by Attorney Yuriy Moshes, Esq. regarding the nature of posts on our blog. We have since made the corrections but this recent lawsuit seems to  highlight our original postings regarding Prime Legal Group via association with Litvin Law Firm if one exists as PLG are not named as Defendants in the complaint.

Law Office of Yuriy Moshes, PC
1 Bridge Plaza North, Suite 214
Fort Lee, NJ 07024

scamFRAUDalert contacted Yriy Moshes, PC regarding the lawsuit and got the response below:

from: Yuriy Moshes, Esq ymoshes@mosheslaw.com
reply-to: “Yuriy Moshes, Esq” ymoshes@mosheslaw.com&
to: scamFRAUDalert scamfraudalert@gmail.com
date: Thu, Apr 4, 2013 at 7:11 AM
subject: Re: Is This Lawsuit FALSE
: Important mainly because of the people in the conversation
Good Morning,
This lawsuit’s accusation are false will be litigated.

Thank you,

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Northway Financial Corporation, Ltd. ~ PixyCash.com

Consumer Alert
Northway Financial Corporation, Ltd. dba PixyCash dba PixyCash.com

April 04, 2013

The Washington State Department of Financial Institutions (DFI) has received complaints from Washington consumers who reported they obtained online payday loans from PixyCash which also does business as Northway Financial Corporation, Ltd and http://PixyCash.com.

PixyCash operates a website at pixycash.com and lists its email address as customercare@pixycash.com. The mailing address that has been associated with PixyCash is: Level 5, Plaza Commercial Centre, Bisazza Street, Sliema, SLM 1640, Malta.

PixyCash lists its phone number as 1-888-543-2350 and lists its fax number as 1-866-924-5665. PixyCash is not licensed by DFI, and is not registered to conduct business in the state of Washington by either the Department of Revenue or the Secretary of State.

Verify Licenses

DFI strongly recommends that consumers deal only with those lenders that are properly licensed to conduct business. Consumers can determine whether lenders are properly licensed using the “Verify a License” feature on DFI’s website at www.dfi.wa.gov.

Payday Loan Collection Laws

Washington State law prohibits threatening or harassing behavior by individuals attempting to collect a debt. The federal Fair Debt Collection Practices Act states that debt collectors must send consumers a written notice within five days of the first collection phone call, stating the amount of the debt and what it relates to. Debt collectors cannot state or imply that failure to pay a debt is a crime. They cannot call before 8:00 a.m. or after 9:00 p.m. They cannot harass or abuse consumers, or contact consumers’ places of employment.

Report Fraud

If you are suspicious of unlicensed activity by a payday lender please contact DFI at 1-877-RING-DFI (746-4334), or online at www.dfi.wa.gov.

If you feel you have been the victim of a loan scam please contact the Federal Trade Commission at 1-877-FTC-HELP (382-4357), or online at www.ftc.gov. Because the scammers have access to bank account information and social security numbers, victims should consider themselves victims of identity theft and take appropriate precautions. The Federal Trade Commission has information for victims of identity theft available online at www.ftc.gov.

If you feel you have been the victim of a loan scam involving the Internet please contact the Internet Crime Complaint Center online at www.ic3.gov.

LinkedIn – Brendan Richardson just sent you a direct message

scamFRAUDalert see it appropriate to issue this ALERT regarding LinkedIn.com. This is to warn indLinkedIn4ividuals that it is un-advisable to post PROFESSIONAL, PERSONAL or DETAIL information on PUBLIC FORUMS and to exercise case and caution.


Email Header Analysis

IP Address: (static.
IP Address Country:  Germany
IP Continent:  Europe
IP Address City Location:
IP Address Region:
IP Address Latitude:  51,
IP Address Longtitude:  9
Organization:  Joao Filipe Santos Rebordao Neves


Email header by email header analysis (show/hide)
X-Apparently-To: scamFRAUDalert via; Thu, 04 Apr 2013 06:33:23 -0700
Return-Path: <forbes3@static.>Image representing LinkedIn as depicted in Cru...
Received-Spf: none (domain of static. does not designate permitted sender hosts)X-Ymailisg: 9evfIUgWLDu9Vw4mCDDFBeF5f4z6VlLFz9qxJMtdrD.x5CkvDIGZKUmz8YEYB8XzYvp
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X-Originating-Ip: []
Authentication-Results: mta1221.sbc.mail.gq1.yahoo.com from=static.; domainkeys=neutral (no sig); from=static.; dkim=neutral (no sig)
Received: from (HELO static. ( by mta1221.sbc.mail.gq1.yahoo.com with SMTP; Thu, 04 Apr 2013 06:33:22 -0700
Date: Thu, 4 Apr 2013 15:33:22 -0600
From: “Brendan Richardson via LinkedIn” <forbes3@static.>
To: “scamFRAUDalert
Message-Id: <cd28b1_faa87e95.47d473@static.>
Subject: Brendan Richardson just sent you a direct message
Mime-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: text/html; charset=iso-8859-1
Content-Transfer-Encoding: 7bit
Content-Length: 1153



The Purpose of this post is to ALERT you that the job you are about to apply for or may have applied FOR or is CONSIDERING APPLYING FOR is FRAUDULENT.

These job postings are an attempt to lure you into cashing counterfeit checks and have you wire funds via Western Union or MoneyGram. Essentially You Become A Money or RePackage Mule.

The identity of an individual or entity have been stolen along with fund from their bank accounts. You are being recruited to wire transfer these funds either by WESTERN UNION, MONEYGRAM, into your bank, a DOMESTIC BANK or FOREIGN BANK ACCOUNT

  1. Understanding The Cyber Theft Ring
  2. Money Mule Explained
  3. Protecting Yourself Against Money Mule
  4. Washingtonpost.com by Brian Kerbs
  5. Interview With A Money Mule
  6. Bobbear.co.UK ~ Historical Money Mule Sites


The nameservers ns1.stageportal.net and ns2.stageportal.net are shared by several other domains offering similar fake jobs:

  1. arbeitsagentura.com
  2. stepstonede.com
  3. europswork.com
  4. usanewwork.com
  5. euroconsaltinn.com
  6. europsconsult.com
  7. stageportal.net

Sarah Shepard info@usanewwork.com
360-860-3630 fax: 360-860-3321
4478 Pratt Avenue
Tukwila WA 98168

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