scamFRAUDalert is warning job seekers applying for jobs on need to exercise care and cautions as scammers troll craigslist with multiple ads seeking unsuspecting victims.


Craigslist (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

I responded to an ad on CL for a local driver’s job. Since it had no details, I only emailed a response asking for more details about the job without revealing anything other than email address.

Received a response that to me flags it as a phish attempt or one of those get a check for too much money and forward the unused balance from your account to 3rd party scam.

I don’t have time to play with this one now. Does someone want to or should I just notify CL so they can pull the ad?

The “story” in the response is some guy working out of state is looking for a chauffeur to drive his mom to her local appointments. Where it falls apart is:
1. claims it’s full time 8 hrs/day 5 days/week job.
2. job will provide the car, a new Porsche Panamera!
3. job pays $20/hr (no way… not where I live)
4. response ends with almost begging me to take the job.
5. I will receive salary and “extra funds” that need to be forwarded to the agency delivering the car.
6. Asks for full name as it appears on checks, address, age, phone numbers, sex.


craigslist job ads hired me as a personal assistant and sent me a check for my pay

Contact Information:
1381 9th Ave
San Francisco, CA 94122
Rep: Secure Email provide this WARNING “Avoiding Scams”


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