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FAKE facebook NOTIFICATION ~ fraud

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* Check at Check at Vaultnetworks Inc. Fort Lauderdale United States Check at Check at Yahoo! Sunnyvale United States

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Economic Frauds ~

scamFRAUDalert see it appropriate to issue this ALERT and warn investors that are scamALERTvictims of offshore investment firms to be on the look out for Economic Fraud Reports online allege that victims are contacted by representatives of Economic Fraud asking them if they would be interested in pursuing a class action lawsuit against the allege firm. If yes, they are ask to pay a monetary fees to participate in such class action lawsuit. Other sites associated with this group:

  1. People Alliance Corp –
  6. Citi Capital Partnership –
  8. Phoenix Cooper Financial –

Cartius Finance ~

Cartius Finance​ Fraud Alert
20.02.2013 FSA warn public

Members of the public are warned of a boiler room type scam, is using the details of a FSA EEA-Authorised firm which has an EEA Passport to the UK for Insurance Mediation or Reinsurance Mediation activities.

Cartius Finance
Rue des Fripiers 17 bte 344,
Brussels, B-1000, Belgium
Tel: 0032-27 92 48 51
Fax: 0032-28 08 59 69