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scamFRAUDalert see it appropriate to issue this ALERT as consumers are consumer alertcomplaining about unauthorized Debit and Credit charges to their bank accounts.

scamFRAUDalert is willing to removing this and all complaints if the site or firm can address these complaints. Complaints will be remove base on it merits

9 thoughts on “Shopper Discount & Rewards ~

  1. Shopper Discounts & Rewards says:

    Hello Sreeranjan: :

    I recently read your post here and am happy to assist you with your query. I have sent an email to your email address with a detailed resolution to your query. If you did not receive this email, please contact me at

    I would like to assure you that the sign-up form for Shopper Discounts & Rewards clearly states, a total of at least four times, that following 30 days free membership you will be billed £10 per month for as long as you continue to be a member, hence why you provided your credit or debit card details at this point. It is also clear that you can cancel at any time.

    Shopper Discounts & Rewards provides members with access to hundreds of saving opportunities, such as an initial cashback cheque, a £10 monthly bonus, 20% off giftcards and around 10% cashback at over 650 online stores.

    I hope that this message and the email I sent directly to you resolves your query to your satisfaction. If there is anything else I can assist you with, or, if you do not receive the email I have sent to you, please feel free to contact us on the details provided below.

    Kind regards

    The Shopper Discounts & Rewards UK Team
    0800 731 9935
    The Shopper Discounts & Rewards site

  2. says:

    Shopper Discounts & Rewards company

    I bought something from Argos and this company asked to register for getting the 15 pound cash back on next purchase on Argos .

    No information about membership payment.

    I ended up in payment more than 70 pounds without buying anything

    i logged into the website now and cancelled the membership .

    Hope i will get refund for the amount i payed.

  3. Ellen says:

    Shopper Discounts & Rewards company is alive and well!!

    This company somehow got a charge onto my new credit card. I’ve had this card only two month because of two fraudulent charges on the card preceding it.

    There have been only two charges legitimately made to this card, one at WalMart and one at Sam’s Club. There have been no online purchases made with it?

    It is a complete mystery to me and to my credit card company how these people got my new credit card number?

  4. Shopper Discounts & Rewards says:

    Hello Isabel and William:

    I am glad that our customer service centre was able to assist you with your membership cancellation and refund. However, I am sorry that you still have concerns about how you joined the Shopper Discount & Rewards programme. If you contact me directly, I can identify your membership record and then provide you with specific details which may help to address your concern. If you would like these details or if you need any further assistance, please contact me directly at

    Kind regards,
    Customer Service

  5. Shopper Discounts & Rewards says:

    Hello Isabel:

    I’ve just read your post and will be happy to assist you. However, I cannot identify a membership record for you. Please contact me at so that I can identify your membership record and resolve your query.

    In the meantime, I’d like to provide you with some details about Shopper Discounts & Rewards. The Shopper Discounts & Rewards programme provides great value to people who shop online regularly. We have thousands of consumers who save hundreds of pounds each year. Our discount offers and cashback deals make a real difference in this difficult economic environment.

    The only way you can become a member of Shopper Discounts & Rewards is by completing an online registration form where you need to input your name, email and postal address, and your credit or debit card details. You also need to create and verify a password and agree to our membership terms. Membership is free for the first 30 days so that you can try it out, and after that it is £10 per month. Members are free to cancel their membership at any time.

    I hope to hear from you soon so that I can assist you with your query.

    Kind regards,
    Shopper Discounts & Rewards

    • Isabel Harris and William Harris says:

      Thank you. I have now received my refund from you. What happened – My husband bought an article online from Argos. There was something which offered a cash refund off the next item we bought from Argos. AT NO TIME DID MY HUSBAND FILL OUT THE FORM YOU ARE REFERRING TO.

      If he input our debit/credit card details, it was only to purchase the item – NOT TO BECOME A MEMBER OF SHOPPER DISCOUNTS OR TO HAVE £10 TAKEN OUT OF OUR BANK ACCOUNT EACH MONTH.

      As pensioners, we could never afford to pay £10 per month for what! We are only able to purchase necessary items and that does not include paying out £10 a month for nothing. If you still claim that he input details for you to take the money from our bank account

      – THERE IS SOMETHING SERIOUSLY WRONG WITH EITHER YOUR FORM OR ARGOS FORM. As of now, we will NEVER purchase anything from Argos online – and will be very wary of buying anything from them in the future.

      I have searched the internet and have found other people unhappy with the practice carried out by Shopper Discount, so we are not alone in being annoyed by, what we perceive to be, misleadin forms and which we/they never filled out.

  6. Isabel Harris says:

    In November we bought an article from Argos and at the end there was an offer of £10 off your next purchase. Useful we thought, but what we did not know that by clicking onto this offer, we were entered into a Scam by Shopperdiscount who then proceeded to withdraw £10 every month from our bank account. At no time did we see anything that gave this company the right to withdraw any money from our bank nor did we fill out any form that gave them the right to do this. We contacted Shopperdiscount and after a discussion they promised to refund the full amount of £20 within 10 days. That was at the beginning of February. We have received nothing so far and now realise that this company is not trustworthy (the word SCAM comes to mind.) Otherwise why would so many other people have been conned as we were. I also contacted Argos and was told that Shopperdiscount were they preferred company and they would do nothing to help. Doesn’t say much for Argos either.

  7. SFA Reporter says:

    Address lookup
    canonical name
    Domain Whois record

    Queried with “”…

    Domain name:

    Webloyalty International Limited

    Registrant type:
    UK Limited Company, (Company number: 5922626)

    Registrant’s address:
    19-21 Great Portland Street
    W1W 8QB
    United Kingdom

    Webloyalty International Limited [Tag = WEBLOYALTY]

    Relevant dates:
    Registered on: 18-Apr-2007
    Expiry date: 18-Apr-2013
    Last updated: 12-Apr-2011

    Registration status:
    Registered until expiry date.

    Name servers:

    WHOIS lookup made at 15:41:18 19-Feb-2013

    Network Whois record

    Queried with “n ! NET-63-123-42-0-1″…

    NetRange: –
    NetName: UU-63-123-42
    NetHandle: NET-63-123-42-0-1
    Parent: NET-63-64-0-0-1
    NetType: Reassigned
    Comment: Addresses within this block are non-portable.
    RegDate: 2002-11-01
    Updated: 2002-11-01

    Address: 101 Merrit 7 – 5th Floor
    City: Norwalk
    StateProv: CT
    PostalCode: 06851
    Country: US
    RegDate: 2002-11-01
    Updated: 2011-03-19

    OrgNOCHandle: OA12-ARIN
    OrgNOCName: UUnet Technologies, Inc., Technologies
    OrgNOCPhone: +1-800-900-0241

    OrgAbuseHandle: ABUSE3-ARIN
    OrgAbuseName: abuse
    OrgAbusePhone: +1-800-900-0241

    OrgTechHandle: SWIPP-ARIN
    OrgTechName: swipper
    OrgTechPhone: +1-800-900-0241

    OrgTechHandle: JHU140-ARIN
    OrgTechName: Huffines, Jody
    OrgTechPhone: +1-703-886-6093

    OrgTechHandle: SWIPP9-ARIN
    OrgTechName: SWIPPER
    OrgTechPhone: +1-800-900-0241

    RTechHandle: OA12-ARIN
    RTechName: UUnet Technologies, Inc., Technologies
    RTechPhone: +1-800-900-0241

    DNS records

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