E-Z Check Cash – Identity Stolen

Consumer Alert – 2005

Internet Alert: “E-Z Check Cash” Uses Legitimate Lender’s Name to Deceive Consumers

January 17, 2005

E-Z Check Cash (EZ Checkcash) advertises to get consumers to accept checks into their accounts and then send the money to Russia. In return, consumers keep some of the money as commissions. The checks from the company are counterfeit and bounce. But, by the time the checks bounce, the money has been sent to Russia and is gone.

The company has had several websites including http://www.ezcheckcash.biz and http://www.cashers1.biz. Although these websites have been deactivated, the company will probably attempt to advertise using other sites. It has also advertised at http://www.careerbuilders.com and on “yahoo hot jobs.”

E-Z Check Cash uses the names of other companies such as Bank of America, Citibank and Washington Mutual to lure people into thinking the “offer” is legitimate. The company shows its address as 1001 Fourth Avenue, Seattle, WA 98154, phone number 206-219-6435. However, this information is false.

In Washington State, there is a legitimate Check Casher/Seller by the name of E-Z Check Cash Inc. The President is Jeffrey Hughes and the Corporate Secretary is Scott Taylor. The Washington company is properly licensed in Washington and IS NOT the company behind the advertisements, even though the officers’ names are being used. The legitimate company’s website is http://www.ezcheckcash.com.

The scam has been reported to the FBI. The licensed Washington company is cooperating to try to stop the scam. Victims should report their experiences to the Internet Fraud Complaint Center at www.ic3.gov.

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