JRM Sales & Management Inc

scamFRAUDalert see it fitting to issue this ALERT AS job seekers responding to job offers on craigslist are contacted by JRM Sales & Management Inc of Kennesaw, Georgia. They are attempting to SELL you a SERVICE.

JRM Sales & Management Inc
1301 Shiloh Road NW Suite 1630
Kennesaw, Georgia 30144
United States

Thanks for your reply to our job posting on Craigslist. Our company is a new company in growth and we are looking to assemble an driven and devoted staff. We are especially interested in your submission. Our HR supervisor requires that all resumes be submitted by the use of the most popular online career network for reliability and cleaner tracking. This is a free service to you.

Please up-load your resume Here.

We anticipate looking at your resume and talking further of your possible employment with our company. Please e-mail me and let me know when your resume is submitted.

Allison Taylor
HR Assistant

About Jrm Inc

JRM brings all of its experience along with our highly developed and proven programs and systems to the table with a step by step process for getting your new business off the ground properly.

Why make all of the mistakes that so many have made before you? JRM has developed the systems to minimize stress and maximize profits.

JRM will guide you through every step in building your new business. We can be as simple as you want or as comprehensive as you need. We will customize our processes to best fill your needs.

The Business plan – is the foundation for everything that follows. Developing a business plan for your company provides you with a structured approach to assist you in positioning yourself for financing and helps you in the development of vendor relationships. Most importantly the business plan identifies the priorities for the implementation of needed processes and controls. – less – More from ZoomInfo »

JRM Sale
JRM Sale2


One thought on “JRM Sales & Management Inc

  1. Kurt Jensen says:

    This is a completely false report as we have never employed an Allison Taylor, nor have we ever placed an ad on Craig’s List for the purpose of tricking an applicant into selling them a service. We don’t offer services to individuals, only to independent retailers. ( business owners )

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