Red Rock Financial ~

Based on the number of complaints by Homeowners against Red Rock consumer complaints2Financial, scamFRAUDalert see it fitting to issue this ALERT to WARN Home and Condo owners of the possibility of loosing their homes when dealing with Red Rock Financial.

The company pride itself on as being the clear leader in collection services for Community Associations i. e. HOMEOWNERS ASSOCIATION (HOA) of America.

The gripe against this firm is that it places liens and association dues that mushroom from $100 to $5,000 in late fees and other charges which eventually led to foreclosure proceedings.

I just received a letter from Red Rock Financial Services saying, Warning!The Sale Of Your Property Is Imminent!

Because I owe my homeowners association $440.00 and now it went up to $2,589.00 because of fees Red Rock Financial Services are charging.

The problem here is that Red Rock Financial is contacting HOA and saying that their services are provided with no up-front fees to the association. Instead, the homeowners are harassed for payment including late charges.

The Better Business Bureau have recorded 23 complaints  in the  last 3 years and 15 closed in last 12 months

The company have offices in eight states with plans for all 50 states.

Southern Nevada:
7251 Amigo Street, Suite 100
Las Vegas, Nevada 89119
Phone 702-932-6887
Facsimile 702-341-7733

Northern Nevada:
9740 S. McCarran Blvd, Suite 102
Reno, Nevada 89523
Phone 775-624-9146
Facsimile 775-624-9147

Houston, Texas:
9800 Northwest Freeway, Suite 606
Houston, Texas 77092
Phone 713-589-9031
Facsimile 713-429-5645

Irving, Texas:
105 Decker Court, Suite 540
Irving, TX 75062
Phone 214-451-5494
Facsimile 214-451-5496

7251 Amigo Street, Suite 100
Las Vegas, Nevada 89119
Phone 702-932-6887
Facsimile 702-341-7733

450 N. Dobson Rd, Suite 105
Mesa, Arizona 85201
Phone 480-393-0841
Facsimile 480-882-0937

7820 Peters Road, Suite E-103
Plantation, Florida 33324
Phone 954-251-0598
Facsimile 954-272-8504

One thought on “Red Rock Financial ~

  1. Rob says:

    Red Rock Financial Services what a scam-….. they can send out these collection letters adding on huge amounts of money to your already debt but cannot take your credit card… Has to go to a third party.

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