Prize Documenting Center of America

scamFRAUDalert see it necessary to issue this ALERT as this outfit goes by many scamalertnames. This is just the latest incarnation. Some of the names associated with this outfit are listed below:

  1. Award Notification Center Central
  2. Award Distribution
  3. Prize Documenting Center of America
  4. Fiancinal Acqusition Agency
  5. American Sweepstakes Publishers
  6. Opportunities Unlimited Publications

1 reply

  1. It’s a shame
    All the devious people that go to the extent to Scam and Fraud good honest people . Dirty money looks good
    But Money is the Evil of all things
    I receive several documents regarding
    Winnings hard to resist .
    But I’ve learned my lesson
    Secret Shoppers and fake checks cost
    me a few $$$$ . Something just didn’t seem right . Researched so called Companies all info was negative.!!
    No prize notifications that want fees
    I will not fall prey to their dirty work
    Also include online cash advance / loans Just out to get our personal
    Information Now Identity Theft is a ringer. I would like to Turn the Table
    On those Sad excuses for a
    Human Being and get them where it
    Hurts !!

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