Money Mule Solicitation – Vulnerable Credit Unions

Money Mule solicitation: credit unions identified as vulnerable for computer hacking for laundering  money i.e. wire transfer to cyber-criminals.scamalert

It is very important for us to receive payment from one of  the accounts listed below:

  1. Websterbank
  2. 310 Community Credit Union
  3. Member One Federal Credit Union Https://
  4. Dps Credit Union
  5. Air Academy Federal Credit Union
  6. Insight financial Credit Union
  7. Maco Educators Federal Credit Union
  8. Norlarco Credit Union
  9. Faa Credit Union
  10. Silver State Schools Credit Union
  11. Great Lakes Credit Union
  12. Sacramento Credit Union
  13. TopLine Federal Credit Union
  14. Credit Union of Texas
  15. St. Cloud Federal Credit Union
  16. University of Utah Credit Union
  17. Hudson Valley Federal Credit Union
  18. OCT Federal Credit Union
  19. Keys Federal Credit Union
  20. Bank Fund Staff Federal Credit Union
  21. Deer Valey Credit Union
  22. IBM Southeast EFCU
  23. Bellwether Community Credit Union
  24. University of Hawaii Federal Credit Union
  25. Arkansas Best Federal Credit Union
  26. Philadelphia Federal Credit Union
  27. State Employees Credit Union
  28. First light Federal Credit Union
  29. Los Angeles Firemen’s Credit Union
  30. Cyprus Credit Union
  31. My Credit Union
  32. Aggieland Credit Union
  33. Tech Credit Union
  34. TruChoice Credit Union
  35. Central Virginia Federal Credit Union
  36. Georgia Federal Credit Union
  37. Warren Federal Credit Union
  38. Lake Michigan Credit Union
  39. First Tech Credit Union
  40. Coast Central Credit Union
  41. America First Federal Credit Union
  42. Teachers Federal Credit Union
  43. Midwest Community Federal Credit Union
  44. T&C Federal Credit Union
  45. New England Federal Credit Union
  46. Glass City Federal credit union

Please, inform us if you already have an account in one of these banks.
It will be convenient for our cooperation. It is necessary to transfer the large sum of money (about 6,000 USD) and buyer wishes to transfer money in this way, because it is the most suitable for him. If you have any branches of this bank in your city, and you agree to help us with reception of money,discover the possibility to open an account (we incur all charges) in this bank.

All service should pass according to instructions which we are going to
send to you. If you open the new checking account (not saving) We will cover all expenses for an account opening when you’ll receive your first transfer. Your net profit from all financial transactions will be equaled 7%.

Basically a check is used. It is sending to your bank address for realization of financial transactions. You’ll get the check during 5- 10 days. Then there is a process of check clearance, which is 3-10 days.

This method for deals is very long and inconvenient, that is why our clients started to use the other method, which is to transfer money to your credit card number. Our client comes to a bank and asks his bank service to transfer money to his credit card number. It lasts 2-3 days and after it you can take money right away, it means that money is available right away.

This method is very convenient for three parties, for you, for us and for a client. We need to know your credit card number for this money deal. So if you have a credit card, please send to us, its number. If you do not have a credit card, please go to a bank as soon as possible and find out how to get it and
how long it will take to get a credit card and then inform us.

Denise Duvall
IRG Manager

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