Logistics and Equipment manager

The Purpose of this post is to ALERT you that the job you are about to apply for or may have applied FOR or is CONSIDERING APPLYING FOR is FRAUDULENT.

These job postings are an attempt to lure you into cashing counterfeit checks and have you wire funds via Western Union or MoneyGram. Essentially You Become A Money or RePackage Mule.

The identity of an individual or entity have been stolen along with fund from their bank accounts. You are being recruited to wire transfer these funds either by WESTERN UNION, MONEYGRAM, into your bank, a DOMESTIC BANK or FOREIGN BANK ACCOUNT

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Good Day
A Better Business Bureau accredited, privately owned customer service provider and world player in the electronics market is seeking dedicated employees who are interested in long term career increase.

Specialization: The employer needs to have Logistics and Equipment manager with some sort of experience in Consumer Products

The employer has:
– Base Pay: $46,000.00-72,800.00 plus conformable with experience
– Part & Full time positions, Work-at-Home positions
– Tempting pay once in 2 weeks plus commissions
– Applicant Start-Date: 15 days
– Shifts worked: Days
– No traveling is essential
– No relocation is required. They are hiring agents to become the organization representative from your own location.

About the Job:
As part of the Supply Chain team, you will ensure assistance with obtaining materials from stores, as required for consumers’ requirements. Issue Purchase Orders per fixed instructions.

In this role you will:
– verifying purchase price of merchandise, and when necessary negotiate expenses
– ensuring that the firm follows the stated purchasing process
– standardizes firm materials needs
– close check-up of materials to be bought
– develops all vendor selection plans and chooses vendors
– under from time to time direction procures materials to support delivery process
– develops key vendor relationships to reach continuous improvement of supplier-sourcing strategies
– presents policies for procurement activities challenges or business needs
– support responsibility from receipt of notification of materials needed, placement of order, order status, receipt of materials, acceptance of materials delivery
– performs follow-up actions with vendors to fulfill delivery of purchased goods per schedule provided on purchase order

As a company’s employee, you must have an understanding of Phone Ordering methods, Company Part Lists, Receipts; should keep excellent communication skills allowing you to build strong working relationships with vendors. You have to be organized; have an ability to work in fast moving environment; with limited monitoring and constant initiatives. Your ability to manage multiple orders is preferable. an excellent knowledge of computer, cell phone, Fax and printer is required.

The job is available for U.S. Citizens only. All individuals must be aged 21 plus.

Get more details should reply back to current letter. We are glad to hear from dedicated individuals with proven experience in sales or marketing and ready to offer a superior development program for the right applicant.

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