HYDRA SUPPORT Identity Stolen

The web address ~ http://www.hydrasupport of Hydra Support is being used to carryscamalert out bank fraud such as unauthorized ACH withdrawals.

Important Public  Notice
Please Read

7 November 2012 – Hydrasupport.com is victim of an online credit card spoofing campaign
Many people have received debits from their credit card and bank accounts that claim to be from hydrasupport.com.

None of these recipients are Hydrasupport.com clients, as we only supply broadcasters and tv film production companies, We are a service company and do not sell items over the internet, nor do we have the facility to process bank or credit cards. We can confirm that these debits have not been generated or sent by us. Our advice to anyone receiving the debits is to report the fraud immediately to your police authority and bank. Also please register the crime with the UK police’s fraud division.


People affected by this scam can rest assured that we do not have your personal details.

If you wish to contact Hydra Support regarding additional information or rental enquiries please complete the form below.


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