– Slanderous Company


The website and the company /link removed/ is a very dangerous company made by a criminal by the name of ED MAGEDSON.

He is a wanted federal felon for abusing people, steeling their informations and slandering them all over the internet for no reason.

The authors on that site are very abusive too. These are the authors that write for the website  and removed link/ that are very abusive; Tagurit, Jeaniskie, Stacey, Mariendude, Robert-Irving-USA, Steve, Lorenzen, Joe, Gail, amongst many others that write on the website are very rude, abusive, slanderous, and the website owner Ed Magedson does nothing about it.

He even writes fake reports against innocent people. He slanders everyone else but does not like it when some writes him a negative review. He will whine and cry like a baby and want everyone to sympathize with him and his stupid law. But he himself even writes bad checks and then will blame it on someone else. He is an extortionist and he gets away with it.

He has made a lot of businesses loose their business because others have written negative reports about other businesses for no reason and when people try to take it off or want him to take it off he will charge this huge sum of money! is a rip off in its self. Do not make the mistake of writing on that website. These people are scums!

They are criminals that work for this company! They also abuse elderly people and abusive towards women. They stole all of my personal information and slandered it without my authorization to other companies. These people are as follows: Scumbags, Looser, Criminals, Abusers, Trolls, Cons, Liars, Slanderous, Involved in identity theft, extortion, and abuse. Also the company will also purposely steel your information address, name, phone number, e-mails, and your relative or neighbors names and their personal information and slander it all over the internet and then try to get them to pay them to have it removed:

The other companies to watchout for would be:,,,,, 1&1,,,,, Google, Yahoo, Bing, Aol, Earthlink,,, are all abusive companies that steel your personal information without your knowledge and then will sell, trade, and distribute your information without your permission and that is a federal felony under the FDCPA law.

Know your rights and fight these criminal back! The online schools and colleges are the same way so just watch out and be very careful these days with your personal information. Stay safe and guard your privacy! All law enforcement are also the same way they will try to get your personal information by force even if they have to intimidate or threaten or scare you to get it! But don’t fall their trick! That is against the law and let them know you mean business when it comes to your personal information being kept personal!

That is your right and by law they can’t take that right away from you nor abuse you to try to take it! Fight these criminals back! Know your right and let them know where you stand against their abuse! News and media are also the same way.

They will not tell the truth about the story only what they want you to hear! So hope this helps! Take care!



One thought on “ – Slanderous Company

  1. SFA Reporter says:

    scamFRAUDalert Plead To ED Magedson~Ripoffreport

    scamFRAUDalert make this plead to ED Magedson that he place SFA in it’s Corporate Advocacy Program and scamFRAUDalert will reciprocate the favor.

    SFA stress that it is in our both best interest to look out for each other and work together.

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