, Tempe Complaints & Reviews – Scam Website Full of Lies

Posted: 2012-11-10 by hpe

Amazing that this site gets legitimacy from search engines. In my opinion, this website and this business are beneath contempt. No fact checking, no responsibility, hide behind the Communications Decency Act, con people into making false reports to defame businesses then to have the gall to extort money from the companies to “clean up” their reputation. The only thing this website is about is making as money as possible for ed “the felon” magedson. Believe me he has absolutely no interest in you, your complaints or in protecting consumers. Its all about making ed money. People, you need to complaint to the search engines that this sites content is worthless and should be banned. If people would stop posting to this site maybe it would go away.

Source: Complaintsboard


One thought on “, Tempe Complaints & Reviews – Scam Website Full of Lies

  1. SFA Reporter says:

    scamFRAUDalert Plead To ED Magedson~Ripoffreport

    scamFRAUDalert make this plead to ED Magedson that he place SFA in it’s Corporate Advocacy Program and scamFRAUDalert will reciprocate the favor.

    SFA stress that it is in our both best interest to look out for each other and work together.

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