In 2009, KTRK-TV ABC Channel Channel 13 Houston reported on this scam Click6.

This scam relates to payday loan and unauthorized debit to consumer bank accounts.

Today, this scam seems to have been resurrected. Consumers need to be on a look out for any unauthorized charges on their bank statements or credit card accounts.


7 replies

  1. My debit card number apparently also was scammed while in Tucson. USPS click6 charges were on my card and had to close the account.

  2. Just found out my debit card was compromised even though I use it for only a few regular transactions. Have three Click66100611 Washington DC chargers for $177.50 each on 12/20.

  3. I also was just trolling the web…and the number of government budget / spending reports with click66100611 in them as an expense is scary…surely they can’t all be fraud?

  4. I had this scam happen to me. My bank is going give my money back but I don’t understand how they got my debit card number it happen in one day 6 with draws for $88.75 and one for $53.25

  5. Omg… I just came from bank because have six transaction from click 6… And several other transaction…who ever did don’t have respect.. I have bill to pay..and now without money can’t do anything… My car running out of gas…hope they get caught…

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